Forget Angry Birds & Plants vs Zombies…..Infinity Blade is…..


……..what the iPhone is capable of. If you weren’t sure of the power of iPhone and mobile gaming then watch this new trailer for an upcoming game called Infinity Blade that graphically blows out of the water anything I’ve seen on the DS, PSP or Wii.  I’d go as far as saying it beats many games on 360 and PS3.

Previously known as Project Sword, the Epic Games iOS-only title was first shown off at an Apple event in September. It’s a turn-based fighting game available for the iPhone, iPad  and iPod Touch, where you control a knight fighting his way through a 3D castle. There’s also a multiplayer mode, using Apple’s Game Centre to find friends and other challengers to cross swords with online.

Infinity Blade will be the first game to run on the Unreal Engine 3 for the iOS. No release date has been confirmed.

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