The Forks Awakens – A Star Wars Pop Up Restaurant Coming This June

Is everyone having a good May the 4th? (Or, depending on when this gets posted – how’s your Revenge of the 5th going?) Whether you’re on the side of Light or Dark, or even just wanna hang out in a cantina with a cocktail made of blue milk whilst the battle rages on elsewhere, I think it’s easy to agree that Star Wars is a pretty big part of our collective social consciousness.

Star Wars

Philosorapter considers Star Wars day

Secret Cinema brought as a whole night of amazing immersive cinema with The Empire Strikes back, The Force Awakens announced the triumphant return of the franchise to the big screen, the ExCel Centre will be hosting the Star Wars Celebration in July and the Rouge One trailer having recently made waves with its debut, so it’s not surprising that creative dining experience company Barrel and Forks are bringing a short run pop up restaurant to London set in `Darth Vader’s Kingdom` (which I’m not 100% sure what the means – is his Kingdom space? Is it the Death Star? That dressing chamber, sphere thing?)

In any case, Fran and Alex of Barrel and Forks are taking their company’s culinary and theatrical skills to London for an incredibly limited six nights (starting 23rd of June) by opening The Forks Awakens and serving up blue Lightsaber cocktails alongside Tatooine Muddy Soup with Alderaan olive oil, mini Bantha burgers and Hutt dogs. Although looking at the menu I can’t say how inclusive of vegetarians and vegans it is, however I can’t believe a trendy London pop up would neglect to have options for those of us who don’t eat meat.

Star Wars

The Forks Awaken Star Wars menu

The ticket price covers a welcome cocktail, four course meal and immersive entertainment and the website described the experience as “…an immersive journey through time and space, with many familiar encounters and interactive adventures along the way”

Star Wars

Star Wars themed food? Yum!

Different sites have been giving varying prices for said tickets (ranging from £50 to £66) and unfortunately the link on Barrel and Fork’s website leads to a dead page so I can’t say what the actual prices are (or even if they’re sold out!) so I shall be keeping my eye on the website and ear to the ground to see what’s happening, because if there’s two things I love it’s Star Wars and food!


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