The Full Trailer For Transformers Age of Extinction ROARS

Our first real length trailer for the fourth installment in the Transformers saga arrives and we get some idea to the plot.

I am big fan of the first film but found the 2nd and 3rd one just way too busy and now this trailer gives us some idea as to what to expect in the latest entry. The full trailer for Transformers Age of Extinction looks like a sort of back to basics but also it has some visuals close to the Dark of the Moon.

I also love the last scene in the clip with Prime and one of the Dinobots. Feels like it came out of the comic or cartoon.

The shoot of a transformer walking out of a spaceship reminds me of Zod in Man of Steel and the farm scenes seem very smallville ish. Maybe Director Michael Bay as found some inspiration.

So check out the full Trailer For Transformers Age of Extinction and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Youtube
Reporter: Montoya

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