GAME NEWS: Co-op Racing Game Trailbazers Comes This Spring

What if Splattoon was a futuristic racing game? Then you would have Trailblazers, a funky title from developer Supergonk and publisher Rising Star Games. Trailblazers is the biggest game Supergonk has made. Previously, Supergonk made games for mobile devices. Trailblazers is a definite departure. Check this out.

In Trailblazers, you’re not just going for the goal. You are part of a three member team, and you have to support each other to win. You spread your team’s color on the track to boost your car. You can either play local multiplayer (which is rare these days) or online. The game also has a single player story, for those times where you’d rather go it alone. You don’t see it in this trailer, but there is a cast of characters behind the wheel who are as colorful as the cars and tracks. The cars themselves have personality, with their retro-styled bodies, and the Trailblazers soundtrack sets the mood with future funk artists like Skope (“Get On Up”),  The Derevolutions (“Bad King Kong”), and A.Skillz (“Dead Ringer”).

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Trailblazers is set to come to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


Source: Supergonk Games

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