Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season Available to Pre-order

Those who enjoy keeping an eye on the goings ons in Westeros will be happy to hear that HBO Home Entertainment has announced that Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season is available for pre-order right now!

The 19 Emmy Awards nominated season is set for release on Blu-ray and DVD from 16th February 2015, each format including a host of added content and behind the scenes extras:

  • The DVD edition will include a 30 min documentary Behind the Battle for the Wall. It also includes another 30 min feature where Bryan Cogman talks with a few cast members on the demises of various characters in this season under the title of The Fallen: A Roundtable. Also included is a look back at the events of season 3 in The Politics of Power: A Look Back at Season 3. There is also a discussion  by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss and author George R.R. Martin on the roles bastards play in the story under the title Bastards of Westeros. Also included are the usual deleted scenes and extended commentaries.
  • The Blu-ray edition will include all of this plus an In-Episode guide and a Histories and Lore feature that takes a closer look at the mythologies of Westeros.

In Season 4, while the Lannisters’ hold on the Iron Throne remains intact, new and ongoing threats from the south, north and east threaten to tip the scales. As Stannis Baratheon and Daenerys Targaryen continue to grow their respective armies, the arrival of the Lannister-loathing “Red Viper of Dorne” poses a more immediate danger. In the north, the depleted Night’s Watch seems overmatched against the advances of Mance Rayder’s army of wildlings, which in turn is being trailed by an even more formidable foe: the undead White Walkers.

Game of Thrones Season 4

Better get those pre-orders in!

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