Get a Fresh Look at Film in Free ‘State of the Art Cinema’ Exhibition

The Film Distributors’ Association is set to present for the second year its State of the Art Cinema exhibition. The event will offer an interactive experience of film poster design and photography. The exhibition will consist of around 75 artworks from films opening in UK cinemas between July 2014 and early 2015. It will explore how individual designs gain the publics’ attention and create interest in the film being advertised.

The State of the Art Cinema exhibition will focus on six broad themes: Britain on screen, Family Heroes, Out of this world excitement, Down to Earth adventure, Cinematic Comedy and Thrillers & Chillers. It will cover films made in the UK and around the world by new and old directors alike, such as Tom Green, David Fincher and Christopher Nolan.

The event begins 1-12 July at the A&D Gallery in Marylebone before moving to the Strand Gallery at Charingcross 29th July-23rd August.

Any attending visitor with a smartphone will be able to access a host of related audio-visual content. There will also be a programme of live events and competitions that film bloggers, graphic designers, families and fans will be sure to enjoy.

Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE, FDA President, said: “FDA’s latest exhibition is a wonderfully dynamic showcase of the essential skills of designers and photographers in connecting films with audiences. A great poster catches the eye, tempts the mind and touches the heart, and I passionately hope this new collection will delight and inspire many visitors, in person and online. It’s a timely reminder, especially during a summer of such high-profile sports events, that the cinema experience offers a vast array of pleasures.”

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