Gi Joe Posters

Joe Blo has released the one sheet posters for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie.

Yeeeaaah. I don’t know about this.

1. While I do like Snake Eyes, the rest of the Action Team just doesn’t feel right. One of the main things the cartoon expressed was Individuality over Conformity. Here, Conformity is front stage. Even if we do keep the black stillsuits, can we at least get a bit of refractive camo or something so they don’t look weird walking into civilian situations?

2. How come Storm Shadow’s Chinese?

3. Yes, this style of poster worked with The Matrix. It worked with the X-Men films, but after several other movies did it with their posters, it’s starting to turn into parody. Can’t you guys in PR do something new?

4. Where’s Ecceleson’s silver cranium?

Source: IO9, Joe Blo

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