Gollancz Gains World Rights to Elizabeth Bear’s Two Book Space Opera

Gollancz has announced the successful acquisition of the world rights to Elizabeth Bear’s upcoming two book space opera. Elizabeth Bear is a John W. Campbell and Hugo award-winning author with a number of novels and short stories to her name.

The new books in question imagine the invention of The White Drive, a new means of space travel that enable the easy coverage of incredible distances. The story follows the tale of two salvage operators who travel in to the debris left by unsuccessful White Transitions to search for relics of lost human and alien vessels.

Elizabeth Bear says: I’m incredibly excited to work with Simon and Gollancz on the kind of sweeping big-idea project that’s so dear to my heart. This is going to be fun!


Simon Spanton, Gollancz Associate Publisher, adds: We’re always looking for exciting new voices in SF; sometimes that voice is already there but hasn’t broken through in a particular market. Elizabeth’s novels have always fizzed with ideas, passion and character. The chance to publish a new SF novel from her and welcome her to Gollancz is one I absolutely relish.

I think the idea sounds like a very intriguing sci-fi read and I will definitely keep an eye out for the first book, Ancestral Night, which will be published in the latter part of 2016.

Source: Gollancz
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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