International Tabletop Day Is Coming!

We are just over a week away from International Tabletop Day on Saturday the 5th April so we thought we would tell you what we are doing to celebrate.

If you have not heard of International Tabletop day then the best way to describe is that the fine folks at Geek & Sundry and the Tabletop show organised an event last year to get people playing more games and because it was such a great success they are doing it again.

International TableTop Day 2013 was a huge success — we had 3,123 gaming events in 64 countries worldwide, including every state and province in North America and every continent on the planet (yes, even researchers in Antarctica were playing). With your continued support, we’re hoping to make International TableTop Day 2014 even bigger!

This is a great time for experienced gamers to come together but also a unique opportunity for new gamers to experience the very best that the Table Gaming industry has to offer and meet new friends. This is not just for adults but all ages and family’s as well.


I myself am running an event in St Albans and we already have dozens or people attending and lots more expected. The day will last from 11 till 11 and we have lots of games that people are bringing and will see what we fancy at the time to play.

The games on our list are: Arkham Horror, Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game, Camelot The Build, Carcassonne, Castle Panic, City of Remnants, Cyclades, DC Deckbuilder, Discworld Ankh Morpork, Discworld Witches, Dixit, Dobble, Doctor Who Card Game, Dungeon Roll, Eclipse, Escape Curse of The Temple Board Game, Exodus Proxima Centauri, Firefly, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, Ghost Stories, Hobbit Board Game, Jungle Speed, Killer Bunnies, King of Tokyo,Last Night of Earth, Letters from Whitechapel, Level 7 [Omega Protocol], Lord of the Rings Fellowship Deck Building, Lords of War, Lords of Waterdeep, Manhattan Project, Marvel Legendary, Order of the Stick, Pandemic, Pitch Car, Quarriors, Revolution, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Settlers of Catan, Smash Up, Smash up, Star Trek Catan, Takenoko, Temple Run Danger Chase, Temple Run Speed Sprint, Ticket to Ride, Zombie Fluxx and Zombies!!!

Yep a lot of games but at least we will have plenty to choose from.

To help celebrate International Tabletop Day we will be running lots of board game news through out the week but also we will be running our 7 reviews in 7 days challenge, where we take a look at seven very different games and review them in the lead up to International Tabletop Day on Saturday 5th April.

The first one will run tomorrow and will be Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game which is looking to be a firm favourite here at Geek Syndicate.


To find out if there is an event near you go to the site and look on the map then check out what some people did last year.

To find out about all our boardgame news and older table game round up posts go HERE.

Reporter: Montoya
Sources: Tabeltop Day

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