GUEST POST: Christmas Family Gaming Tips Part 1

Andy Robertson from Family Gamer TV reveals which video-games he’s most looking forward to. So here are is his top five family video games. Some in time for festivities and some to be purchased with those gift tokens we get.

Pokemon X/Y offers families a great place to start (or extend) their relationship with the catch ‘em all craze

Beyblades Evolution brings the spinning top craze to the 3DS. Best of all you don’t have to buy all those toys like in Skylanders, the game comes with the lot!

Wii Party U may seem to be just another mini-game collection but there is more fun packed into these games than I’ve found in 100’s of others.

Skylanders may cost a bit to play, but stick to the Starter Pack for Swap Force and you’ll have both value for money and lots of family fun.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes not only has 100’s of Marvel characters it also offers some of the best family co-op game-play around.

Guest Reporter: Andy Robertson

Source: Family Gamer TV


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