GUEST POST: Wonderbook Book of Potions Review

Andy Robertson from Family Gamer TV brings us a new post giving us some insight into Wonderbook: Book of Potions


With all the excitement around the PlayStation 4 launch even the Sony faithful may have missed what is a technical marvel. Wonderbook uses a plush book peripheral and greats a virtual pop-up story leveraging interactions from the Move controller. Book of Potions is a new game for Wonderbook that takes the Harry Potter theme and extends both interaction and storytelling with new writing from J.K.Rowling.

Andy Robertson from Family Gamer TV put the theory to the test by trying out the new Book of Potions game form Wonderbook on his family. The result was something of a case study in how these things work in real life – actually really well.

This is one game that has to be seen to be understood, so here are his videos:

Source: Family Gamer TV
Guest Reporter: Andy Robertson

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