More Guests Announced for Birmingham Comics Festival!

Back at the start of October, I had the pleasure of sharing the first 2 guest announcements for Birmingham Comics Festival. The event will be making it’s debut in April 2015 at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, and the announcements just keep coming as the organisers continue to beef up their guest list. Without further ado, have some more lovely guest news!:

Embracing an international cultural diversity ethic The Birmingham Comics Festival is pleased to announce Irish novelist, Michael Carroll, nominated for an Eagle Award for his work on Judge Dredd, will be making a rare UK convention appearance at the event taking place on Saturday 18th April 2015.

“His very versatility as a writer ensured our interest in inviting Michael to be a guest,” said the festival’s organisers. “That he’s such a good writer meant that we made it our mission to ensure he agreed.”

Carrol started his career as an editor for the Irish Science Fiction Association’s magazine, FTL, before going from part-time to full-time writing during the 90s. He often contributed to magazines and newspapers as well as writing many short stories. He soon found success with his novels (particularly The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy series revolving around how superheroes deal with their powers) and then began trying his hand at comics through anthologies such as FutureQuake. On top of this, he adds the Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000AD to his resume. Cor!

The Birmingham Comics Festival is determined to put the word fun back into British comic shows and is excited that it can be announced that cartoonist Laura Howell has agreed to become involved with the show!

Laura’s work has been delighting readers of all ages in recent years, but it’s the kids of today who mainly get to enjoy her cartooning on a regular basis. She is the first female artist to produce a regular strip in The Beano during its long and jolly lifetime and her work amusingly also appears regularly in Britain’s bestselling boys’ magazine, Toxic.

Laura is a cartoonist with a crazily impressive amount of brilliant titles under her belt; after winning the award for Best Comic Strip at 2006’s International Manga and Anime Festival in Paris for The Bizarre Adventure of Gilbert & Sullivan, Howell went on to feature in many prominent publications. From The Dandy to Toxic, The Beano to The DFC, Moosekid Comics to MAD Magazine, Laura’s strips have deligted readers for years now. She is soon to start work on a new comic based on the Cartoon Network Show Uncle Grandpa, too!

And finally…

In another exclusive for The Birmingham Comics Festival it can be revealed that New York Times bestselling and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry the writer of comics starring Captain America, Wolverine and The Punisher, will be making his UK debut appearance at the event.

“In our recent announcements we’ve promised fun and delivered art of the highest order, now we’re making good on our intentions to broaden comics’ literary horizons,” said the festival’s organisers.

It’s probably easier for you to just go look Maberry up yourself, considering he seems to have had a hand in basically everything! Writing for comics, Maberry has written for a ton of Marvel titles including Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher, Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine and Marvel Universe Vs The Avengers establishing a theme for his work that was broadened with Captain America: Hail Hydra, Black Panther: Power, Doomwar and others. He also wrote vampire miniseries Bad Blood for Dark Horse and is now writing V-Wars for IDW Publishing.

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Source: Birmingham Comics Festival
GS Blogger: Stacey Taylor (@StacebobT)

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