‘Heavenly Sword’ Video Game to be Adapted as Animated Film


When video games become adapted for a film treatment, the case tends to be that it will be a live action film. That’s not so for Heavenly Sword.

Anna Torv (Fringe) reprises her role as Nariko. Nariko is the warrior who wields the titular weapon. King Bohan (Alfred Molina) is the villain, the man responsible for Nariko’s clan being murdered. She uses the Heavenly Sword to seek vengeance. Molina fills the role originated by Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings).

The following trailer is voiced-over by Molina (Spider-man 2). Who better to kick it off?

Thomas Jane (The Punisher) plays Loki, a character unique to the film. Is this Loki a hero, a villain- or a mischievous trickster? Besides these three, no other casting information has come out. Heavenly Sword is directed by Gun Ho Jang, in his debut as a director.

Reporter: VichusSmith
Source: Dark Horizons

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