“He’s Worth More To Me Alive!” – Han Solo in Carbonite Bank On Sale

han solo carbonite bankStar Wars merchandising hasn’t let up since the film first came out in 1977 and for me, this is no bad thing. Not when amongst the action figures, novels, pyjama sets and other output, we get items like this one. Standing at one foot (or roughly 30 cm to those of you who insist on being all metric), the coin bank is quite a detailed sculpt of our favourite smuggler in carbonite. More details and a nice big old image follow the break.

The official description is as follows:

Standing over 12-inches tall, this Star Wars Han Solo In Carbonite Coin Bank is a vinyl re-creation of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from the end of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back and features a coin slot and freezing-chamber-inspired base. Save up your bounties for a rainy day in one of the biggest Star Wars banks yet!

At twelve inches tall and with a base of around four inches  (10 cm) square, the bank is an impressive size and can presumably hold a fair amount of shrapnel! It’s size may put some off, but frankly I think it’d make a cool ornament that doubles as a cash repository rather than the other way around! You can pick this guy up for around $22 in the US and £20 plus postage  in the UK.
han solo carbonite bank
Source: Geeks Are Sexy
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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