Highlights from the Guardians of the Galaxy European Press Conference

So we headed off to London for the Guardians of the Galaxy Press Conference and these were some of the little things we learnt about Marvel’s fun sci-fi adventure.


  • James Gunn talks about the wrap party and how Dave Bautista aka Drax the Destroyer had to protect some of cast.
  • Zoe  Saldana says Groot stole the show. Chris Pratt’s mind it was Rocket. James Gunn ops for Drax.
  • James Gunn says Marvel let him go “hog wild”. It felt special.
  • ‘Being green is not sexy’  according to Zoe so the crew had to work hard at making it the right shade of green. “Finding the right green for Zoe took a long, long time” – James Gunn
  • James Gunn would have changed Gamora’s colour as it was a struggle. 
  • Chris Pratt admits that Quill would shoot Tony Stark in face because he hooked up with Gamor.
  • The cast are totally crazy. It really shows how much fun the must have had filming GOTG.
  • Chris says he did all his own dance moves based on what was out in the 80′ ” those moves are mine. I’ve not been paid as a choreographer, yet” 
  • So many movies these days are so dark and brooding…I wanted to make something that was fun” – James Gunn



Also just how cool do Lego Rocket and Groot look?

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