Irritating Archery #9 – Warring Reboots

It’s sad when someone has way too much on their mind.  Between random games and the oh my holy crap it’s about bleedin’ time comic coming out next week this is a feeling I’ve been waiting for for a long long time.  In Fact, I haven’t been this excited for a comic since the last time they tried this.  When I went completely ape shit as a result.   I’m talking reboots.  


It’s a funny thing it is.  As I’m a guy who is willing to give just about anything a chance and reboots of properties I like have always been something I am willing to check out.  I’m not talking Blue Beetle being Jaime Reyes instead of Ted Kord title launches.  I’m talking taking an existing property and wiping out it’s history and starting it again.  Sometimes it can be great, sometimes it can be just terrible.  So what can I do but talk about some of these.  


One rebot that I’ve loved consistently is the Legion of Superheroes.  I’ve enjoyed every incarnation and reboot of the series.  All of em.  I loved jumping 5 years later, I loved DnA, I loved Mark Waid.  It’s a book that just works when you keep to the core of what it should be.  Yeah a lot of people piss and moan about how it sucks because it’s not what they grew up with but at their core there is nothing in any of the Legions that crap on any of the other versions.  They can all exist yeah but they also all work because they keep the core heart and principal of what came before.  


That same reason is one of the reasons I love Ultimate Spider-Man.   It’s fun, charming, and has the wit of reading Spidey as a kid but modernizes the whole thing and is all put in a damn fun and well written package.   If you love Spidey you don’t necessarily read Ultimate and bitch about how it’s not Peter Parker.  You can read it then go wow.  This is totally new but it still feels like Peter Parker.  It keeps what makes Spider-Man work but it brings in new ideas to make it unique.  Good for that.  


Battlestar Galactica is another great example of how to reboot something correctly.  The original was amazingly campy and stupid.  Fun but still pretty dumb.  The new series comes out and becomes one of the best shows on television.  This stupid show from when you were kids has suddenly turned into a gritty sci-fi survival adventure.  Great storytelling and writing combine to help make it one of the best shows on television.  And while it’s new and fresh it still allows the core of battlestar to survive.  Yeah it’s different but at the core it’s still Battlestar.


It’s easy to talk about what makes great ones but at the same time when you go the opposite direction you get problems.  If you want to remake something you need to keep the core intact.  If not you are just slapping a popular nme on something that doesn’t work like that.  There are some very easy to bring in examples of this.  And one of them coming out this week is fixing one of the most egregious mistakes ever committed in comics.  You see a few years back I saw a solicit that had me amazingly excited.  I saw Bruce Jones on Warlord.  I liked Bruce when he started his Hulk run and was pretty excited for what could come up from him relaunching what was one of my favorite all time books.  


Then the interviews started coming.  Interviews talking about how it wasn’t really much of a sword and Sorcery book anymore.  That scared me.  But I was still jazzed.  I mean it’s Warlord.  You can’t screw this up.  It’s such an awesome concept.  Journey to the Center of the Earth meets Conan meets Indiana Jones meets Jurassic Park meets whatever else you want to throw in that’s awesome.  It’s not that hard.


Then comes the fateful day of it’s release.  And pain ensues.  It didn’t help that it wasn’t a particularly good story but it could have been an amazing story and it still would have been a horrible Warlord book.  because that’s not what it was.  It had none of the should of what made Warlord great.  It was something completely different with the names of characters and places from Warlord slapped on so they could call it that.  It wasn’t Travis Morgan and it wasn’t Skartarus.  If it were called something else with different names it might have been something I could enjoy.  But it was called Warlord and it pissed a lot of people off.  In fact it might be the only time I’ve broken my cardinal rule of internetiquette and turned into even more of a massive dick bag than some of the crap I went through last week.  It made me mad.  I wanted Warlord and I sure as hell didn’t get that.  I got characters and places that share names with a book I loooooooved.  If you want to know why it dies a quick and painful death.  It broke the cardinal rule of revamps…  At least have it kind of reflect what you are revamping.  


And with that we get to the whole point of this rant.  This week, a new Warlord series is released.  Taking off where the original series left off with the Original cast and continuity.  The unrevamping of Warlord.  Written by it’s original writer Mike Grell and drawn fantastically by Joe Prade.  I would go so far as to say it’s the best work I’ve seen Prado do in his career of working in comics.  It’s absolutely fantastic and it’s pretty much necessary.  


It really is a matter of respect.  When you respect the source material  you are going to do something that can at least be readable.  You can relaunch the Phantom a million times and as long as it’s still recognizable as the Phantom I’m going to give it a shot and probably enjoy it.  It’s that respect to the original materials that make things work.  Flash Gordon the new TV series.  Ok you have the names but it sure wasn’t Flash Gordon.  There is a reason these fail.  There is a reason movie remakes tend to annoy fans.  TV series and everything.  The skepticality of respect.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  The ones that respect the source have a tendency to be more successful for that reason.  And with that I beg for one thing in remaking concepts.  Respect.  


Geek Of The Week – Comics – 




Wow.  Simply wow.  I expected this to be a readable book.  I didn’t expect it to blow my mind with pure brilliant awesomeness.  Seriously.  Peter Krause does a great damn job with the art chores and the writing is just as solid.  I am officially a huge fan of the artwork and who would expect the creepiest line in a Superhero comic to be “I’m a Superhero”.  Simply a fantastic job.  Really.  A Shockingly good book.  What happens when the Superman goes crazy.  I’d highly recommend everyone check this out.  You won’t regret it.  


Geek Out Of The Week – Gaming – 


Yay for Star Ocean again.  After a disappointing PS2 game I’ve gotten tons of Solid Star Ocean goodness in the past few weeks.  And here is another one.  I love the old ones and this doesn’t disappoint as being a great portable remake.  I’m loving it and would definitely advise snagging it if you have a PSP.  


Next Week in Geek – 


Warlord #1


Warlord, It’s back, it’s Mike Grell, it’s Joe Prado putting out what looks to be the best work of his career from what I’ve seen from the previews.  But who am I kidding.  It’s Mike Grell writing Warlord.  It’s Journey to the Center of the Earth meets Jurasic Park meets Conan meets pure unadulterated awesome.  I almost guarantee this is going to be my book of the week barring my next recommendation.


Locke & Key : Head Games #4


Another issue of the best horror comic on the stands gets another recommendation.  If you haven’t listened to me yet then listen to me now.  BUY THIS BOOK!  it somehow combines great horror with great character development and dynamic.  It’s simply a stunningly good book that I would recommend to anyone.  BUY IT NOW!


Young Liars #14 


Another issue another dose of mind bending greatness.  More fun than a barrel of martian spiders with mind bending insanity.  Great writing great art and tragically low selling.  People should be buying this book.  It took a bit to get going but I’ll be damned if it ain’t a brilliant piece of work.  Once again I scream from the rooftops, BUY THIS BOOK!


The Infinite Horizon #4 of 6 


Well Phil Noto on art is a great start for anything but Gerry Duggan is writing the absolute best take on the Odessey I’ve read.  Simply a brilliant book and it’s been one of my favorites since I first found it when I met Gerry and Phil at Wondercon last year.  If you can I would highly suggest grabbing backissues and catching up on this book.  


Captain Britain and MI13 #12  


Dracula launching an attack on Britain, FROM THE MOON!  I think that’s all that needs to be said.


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