Irritating Archery #8 – Rewriting History

Warning : Strong Language Inside.

This is going to be a lesson. A lesson in how to give proper criticism. And really, what better way is there than to re-write some of the dumb crap that sprouts up on the interwebs. So I’ve spent time tracking down some of the most inane and idiotically douchetacular things that have been said over the last week and will now take said idiocy and show you how you could have said it and earned the respect of people in the industry rather than having them think of you as an irrelevant jackass with a flair for the dramatic.

Without further commentary let’s get this party started right. (Or in this case very very wrong.)


I’m not prone to cussing a lot…

But Vixen is a f***ing bitch for what she said. And f*** McDuffie for that. That had no place in this book.”


Where to get started. This is something I saw a lot this past week. It was actually something I think could be allowed some anger as long as you temper it correctly. Saying it like this though makes it come off as a somewhat irrational response and is just going to piss people off and drive any form of conversation away from what is a topic that could and should be brought up for discussion.


“I was reading through the issue and got to a page where Vixen made a Driving Miss Daisy crack about John Stewart’s relationship with Hal Jordan. That part really made me angry as I found it to be quite racist and the response of the character didn’t seem natural at all. I’m disappointed in McDuffie for putting something like this in the book as it seemed racist and completely unnecessary.”


Notice how I try to make it into something that might start a discussion while still getting across the point that I really didn’t like it.

“The way JLA is right now, I think its creatively bankrupt and there is no need for it to be on the shelves. The version most people seem to want is one that features the biggest heroes in the DCU. That is the version that is most hindered by the shared universe concept where month-to-month the JLA book is forced not only to adapt to changes that happen in its characters monthlies but but is also used almost as a promotional tool for the event of the week.”

This is a little harder. As it’s filled with some proper commentary but opens with idiocy. This is one of the most common forms of douchebaggery. The Bait and Switch.

“I haven’t been impressed with the new title. I’ve found the only way the JLA works is when the characters are the big seven and not these B list lower tier characters. The problem with that is if you only use those big characters you are going to be hamstrung by editorial controls which are going to be a lot tighter than they are on these smaller tiered characters. So while it could be a good thing it could also hamper the book just as badly as the editorial crossovers it’s suffering from now. At this point I would think that it might be best to put the title on hold until the current streak of huge events is finished ad there is more of a chance for it to stand on it’s own two feet with the biggest characters making it the biggest title.”

That was easier than I thought it would be. Let’s continue on and grab ourselves another criticism of the issue in question.

…..I HATE this issue.

Sure, the opening was okay with me. But really, Roy quit drugs cold turkey and has been a superhero AND single dad, but his feelings are hurt and he splits? What?

Did Vixen just call John Stewart’s respect for Hal ‘Loving Miss Daisy’? I mean, was that really, truly in the book. Really? REALLLLLLY??????? F*** that.

And Canary….. man, I was liking what MacDuffie was doing with her, but after this issue, with the insecurity and……. god I don’t even know how to describe it……. She DISBANDS THE TEAM? DINAH?

Oh, f*** THAT. I’m through with this title.


Now this is a toughie.

“The issue started pretty good and I wish it has stopped there as after the opening scene it did not seem to work. The characters felt like they were broken and weaker than they should be. Roy Harper and Dinah Lance are strong characters that have been through some horrible things in their lives. They should not have given up as easily as they did. It just didn’t ring true for me. Not to mention a scene between Vixen and John Stewart which is something I don’t like to see when I read comics. I found it to be something that was completely unnecessary and quite racist. I’m really disappointed it actually has me kind of angry.”

a little more difficult but my main job is to turn what are in my mind conversations stoppers and turn them in a way that promotes conversation. When you fill a post with F bombs and anger all it does is raise the tension level which in turn leads to screaming arguments and eventually insults. When you add a little bit of rationality you get discussion. So Please. Go the route that helps bring discussion of important issues rather than reactionary rants. It makes things a whole lot more pleasant.

Look, I’m a big believer that people should have the right to their opinion but that’s just it. It’s an opinion. I love you for having it but it needs to be tempered with restraint so that discussion can be pleasant and rewarding. I love the internet. But every time I see some of the stupid crap that comes out It’s enough to drive me insane. There are different kinds of reviewing. If you are going to be extreme, make it at least somewhat witty. Look at Yahtzee over at the Escapist. Guy does game reviews and his whole thing is that he is a witty and charming douchebag. It’s fun and I know people who he’s torn apart who actually do like his reviews. Then you get people I won’t name who make comments about Gail Simone orally pleasuring editorial and other completely batshit insane comments that are mean comments that are definitely used to hurt rather than criticize. Please. Take your time in writing things down. Allow the discourse to be that of fans rather that screaming rabid fanboys and girls.

From here on out I’m going to do this to a couple comments every week. Not because I want to make fun of the people who say them, but because I want to bring internet discourse to a level somewhere above a middle school cafeteria.  

Geek out of The Week – Comics


This was actually a hard decision this week as it was a close fight between this and Madame Xanadu #9 which is a book I’ve loved with an artist who has blown my mind with a great sense of design.  However this week I have to give it to Elephantmen which proves that common saying that Zebras are douchebags.  We can add to the list of things they do that ruin lives now.  That list now consists of making tigers fat, ruining my favorite sporting events with their whistles, and now shooting old ladies.  Seriously though this is another fantastic issue of Elephantmen with a great story and fantastic art right on through to the end.  If you buy one book from last week while you are at your shop, make it this one.  And it you buy two, make it this one and Madame Xanadu.

Geek Out of the Week – Gaming


Some Minor Tweaks to the usual Suikoden Formula like actually buying weapons instead of just forging what you have repeatedly may seem strange to long time Suikoden fans but one thing is quite consistent.  The Story and gameplay feel very much like they should.  The castle is big, the characters are fun and outside of the fact that some dialogue sounds like it’s being read in fast forward the times when it’s slowed down the voice acting is excellent.  I highly recommend checking this out as while I’m not super duper far I’m absolutely loving every second of the search for all 108 stars of Destiny.

Next Week in Geek – 

No big gaming things coming out so it’s another all comic week for my recommendations.  

Jonah Hex #42

Every issue of this book has been spectacular.  42 issues and all of them god or great.  That to me is an amazing comic run and I will recommend every issue of the book until it’s inevitable cancellation.  because people should be reading this book.

Irredeemable #1

Now this is a concept I can get behind.  And early word and reviews are extremely positive about the quality of the book.  Plus Mark Waid is totally evil.  

Seaguy : the Slaves of Mickey Eye #1

It’s brain sex is what it is.  It’s so crazy and weird and awesome you’ll either love it or hate it and the first time around I loved it.

Noble Causes #40

Monthly one of the best indy (And overall) books on the stands the superhero book that revels in it’s soapy nature is coming to a (hopefully temporary) end.  I can’t wait for the issue and am hoping that when the heart takes him back we’ll see more of the Noble Family in the future.  

Overman TPB

One of the best books noone read.  Which is sad as it was one of my favorite Independant titles in a long time.  People did not buy it.  And they missed out.  An absolutely fantastic story from Scott Reed and art from Shane White that kicked an equal amount of ass the apocalyptic story of the Overman is one that everyone should try and check out if they can.  Having already read it when it came out in singles I would easily give the book four stars and I sure as hell wouldn’t gve it any of the dry slaps.  So read it and enjoy.  I know I sure did.

And there we have it for another week of Irritating Archery.  Join me next week when I’m back to talk gaming and chronicle some of my great loving obsessions and relate as I play through them.  Regardless let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or joining the forums and saying hi.  You can also follow me on Twitter as the Scion_Of_Mogo 

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  1. Superb! Really enjoyed your column this week and I think quite a lot people on a lot of forums could do themselves a favor by reading this! People have the right to dislike comics and the like and they should be able to voice their opinions so long as they can back up what they are saying with some sense. “It’s rubbish cause i think it’s shit” Does not really count!

    Great piece!

  2. yeah it’s something that’s been grating on me and this past week was filled with ridiculous tripe. I think I finally snapped. gonna probably do this every couple of weeks or when things get exceptionally stupid.

  3. roguespirit /

    This column is sh*t. Becasue it is

    See what I did there

  4. *SIGH* I thought I was free of it at the syndicate. where the only crazy is the meanie…..and that’s just because he’s crazy awesome. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Snausages.

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