Be Jaws! 80s Style…

titleThat’s right 80s lovers! Jaws The Text Adventure, the long lost Text based ZX Spectrum game, can now be played online. For free!

What’s that I hear… Dur Dum!  Dur Dum! Dur Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum…. Aghhhh!!!!!




Text adventures haven’t been very popular since the days of Jaws, so it’s fitting that Steven Spielberg’s psychotic Great White gets to be the protagonist in this throwback sea yarn. The commands are simple—pick a direction, and try to eat whatever you come across.  Ah, 80s games: you just can’t beat them!

Jaws isn’t an astoundingly deep or lengthy adventure, but it’s a highly amusing one. In short, you come to an island, interact with various scenarios from the movie, and get all introspective as the monstrous shark’s internal monologue overwhelms your senses with unquenched longing for companionship. And blood.

Your goal is to be as full as possible, and also to avoid dying. There are many squirmy, salty humans to munch on, but beware they are crafty… you may have the element of surprise, but they use traps and technology (well…80s technology!)

Be Jaws.

You can play online for free at Us vs Th3M.


Source: Stuff Magazine
Reporter: Phil Hobden (@filmsploitation)

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