Jonathan Ross Draws Forbidden Planet Exclusive Cover For ‘The Revenge’!

Comics ubercollector Jonathan Ross has teamed with artist Ian Churchill to create Revenge. Ian Churchill is known all across the comics landscape.  From the Big Two, to the indies, and his creator owned titles, Churchill is an industry giant.  Jonathan Ross is no stranger to writing comics. You can read his  Turf or America’s Got Powers, both from Image.

Revenge is the story of Griffin Franks, a Hollywood has-been who has a career resurgence. His happiness is coming to an end, though, because someone has planned to take it all away. The Revenge is a 4 issue miniseries coming from Image Comics. Ross has hand drawn a variant cover for the first issue, which you can see below. Ross and Churchill will be at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore on the first of March to sign copies of their first issue.


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