Krypton Gets a Teaser Trailer

Yep it’s here again..the geek mecca that is San Diego Comic Con has landed and in conjunction with the team at With an accent GS has boots on the grond to bring you the latest happenings.

To get the ball rolling here’s a teaser trailer for the upcoming superman prequel show Krypton, which is coming to SYFY. Still not sure about this show and after a great appearance by superman on season 2 of Supergirl a part of me would rather see a fully fledged Superman show. Ah well as the saying goes ‘any port in a storm’.

The teaser doesn’t really give any a lot but I’l be honest and say it doesn’t look half bad and has be intrigued.

Have a watch and let us know what you think.


Source: WB
GS Blogger: Nuge

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