The Last of Us Movie to Adapt Original Game’s Storyline

The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann has confirmed that the Last of Us movie that was rumoured to be in development and has also told IGN that the film’s storyline will be an adaptation of the games story rather than a different story set in the same universe.

“It’s an adaptation of the story of The Last of Us. As far as where we go and how we make it fit into a film, how it takes into account the unique properties of film… We’re not sure yet. We’re only just scratching the surface.”

“We don’t know yet,” Druckmann said. “We’re still trying to figure it out. We’re brainstorming some stuff, so we’ll see where that goes.”

On a positive side for me, and against the normal process of most games to movie adaptations, it it good to see the original writers of the game are this involved in the film.


Source: IGN

Reporter: Soulfinger

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