Launch Trailer: Speedball 2 HD

Speedball 2 HD
That’s right, the classic PC game of the 90’s Speedball2 is back and it’s gone all HD. You can now relive all those epic Speedball memories…

If your a computer gamer of the 90’s you probably have fond memories of playing Speedball 2 back in the day. Taking on your mates in that brutal mix of American Football, ice hockey and handball all mixed together with huge power-ups. Well it’s coming back on PC and its gone all shiny and HD.

Check out the announcement trailer:


As you can see from the announcement trailer it looks just like the old game and as you have probably guessed it’s a ‘faithful high definition remake of the classic game’.

However, is just a shiny HD look enough in the current climate?

From the trailer it reminded me of my early days in computer gaming and gave me a warm feeling but I do wonder if it can deliver on that tho….well as long as the controls are responsive and not feeling like it’s an actual 90’s game and if it can go multi-player then I’d say yes. With all the retro looking indie titles out I can see no reason why this cannot fit in.

Developed by Vivid Games and designed, directed and produced by Jon Hare with Mike Montgomery, Speedball 2 HD is available now on Steam with a 20% launch discount!

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