Learn about Comics with Dave Gibbons in New Book How Comics Work

There have been many books written which provide advice about creating comics, yet few that are essential. These books are often written by comics creators who bring their experience to bear on the topic – see Scott McCloud’s Making Comics or Will Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art for the best examples. One of the most experienced comics creators (and all-round great storyteller) is Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Green Lantern, Give Me Liberty, The Originals, Rogue Trooper and virtually every other awesome comic produced in the last 40 years ! ) and this September he shares this experience in the next great comics instruction book: How Comics Work.

In How Comics Work, Dave Gibbons will teach you about every aspect of comics creation, including script writing, page layouts, lettering and cover design. Most exciting of all, he will illustrate his creative process with scans of original artwork and rarely seen workings!

The book also includes chapters on computer colouring and 3-D modelling and how Dave layers text for editing, creates effects such as flares and neon glows and prepares artwork for both print and online.

Basically, you will be getting a series of lessons from one of comics best creators AND a book of original artwork by Britain’s first comics laureate ! Combine this with insightful commentary from comics historian Tim Pilcher and you have a book which is an essential purchase for anyone with a love of comics!

Don’t believe me? That’s fair enough, but check out what the famed creator of Kingsman:The Secret Service and Kick-Ass has to say about the book:

  “There’s a million books on how comics are put together, but none from the master storyteller behind the greatest graphic novel of all time. This is Orson Welles giving you a movie tutorial. If you’re serious about the business this should be sitting on your desk” – Mark Millar

How Comics Work will be released on 15th September 2017, for a mere £16.99. I have already asked my comic shop to get it in for me !!

Source: The Quarto Group

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