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On Saturday, 22nd November, Dave and I came to the end of a journey which started way back in February. That’s when we were first contacted by John Das, a producer at the BBC, to see if we wanted to get involved with their ‘My Life in Science Fiction’ series. The pitch was that there would be a series of iPlayer films that would be a companion to the main BBC show ‘Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction’ and air on BBC2.

The result of our labours and those of a fantastic production team which includes Andy Hall, Chloe Penman, Matt Norman,Dan Spong, Emily Casstles, Robbie Johnson, Manus Pitt and more who worked with us every step of the way can now be seen on the BBC iPlayer! The series itself is three episodes, of which Dave and myself were involved in two –  Invasion of the Fans and Days of Fear and Wonder . The third film, narrated by Mark Gatiss, is Stories from the Stars  in which leading Science Fiction actors share some fantastic behind-the-scenes tales.

Stories from the Stars

The response to the films has blown us both away – we are so pleased that our fellow sci-fi fans/geeks are getting what the production team’s vision for the films was. Their idea was to create something which was fun, entertaining and interesting but also treat sci fi fandom (and geeks in general) with respect rather than group to be poked for cheap laughs. This was the reason Dave and I agreed to join the team in the first place and we are very glad we did.

Keep an eye for the next episode of the Geek Syndicate podcast where we will talk a little more about our experiences filming. You can check out the episodes here and meet the brilliant sci-fi fans  who were the heart of ‘Invasion of the fans’ here.

Invasion of the Fans

Invasion of the Fans

My Life in Science Fiction

Also remember to watch the main series ‘Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction‘ on BBC2 every Saturday at 9:45pm. Episode one has just been aired but you can still catch it on iPlayer.

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  1. Patrick /

    Just watched the programmes on iPlayer, got to say really well done… Can’t believe you hadn’t seen 2001 before and got to see at on a screen that size at that venue…

    • Hey Patrick thanks for watching mate and glad you enjoyed it! Yeah gonna take me a while to live that one down but what a way to see it for the first time though 😀

  2. Jonny Tokyo /

    Just watched the invasion of the fans episode. Brilliantly done. Fun and respectful as you say. One question – throughout the last 3 mins of the show, before the closing credits, there is a beautiful piece of music playing. It seems familiar to me, and I’d love to know where it is from….any ideas?

  3. Marco /

    fantastic show guys–I was also wondering what that peice of music was…again like Jonny I felt I know it from somewhere, but I just cant place it…its also not on the link you gave.
    Looking forward to the 3rd ep. I’ll watch it later

    • Hey Marco thanks for kind words buddy! As for your and Jonny’s music question I will pass it along to the Director and see if I can get an answer for you.

      • Marco /

        Thanks, that would be great…frankly its doing my head in…I’m wanted my brain to remember, but the old fossil is refusing, tried Shazam’ming it but I think there is too much dialogue over it.
        So your help would be very much appreciated…

      • Hey Marco this is what the director had to say on your question.

        “Re the music question if it’s days of fear and wonder they’re referring to, think it’s by ‘the heavy'”

  4. Warthogs in space /

    Great series! I too have a music related question- what was the piano piece that played when they guy was talking about visiting someone’s house to read his comics?! I couldn’t find it on that list you provided. It’s probably something everyone knows that I’m oblivious to, but I’d love to hear it again. Thanks!

    • Warthogs in space /

      It’s was in the ‘Invasion of the fans’ episode.

  5. Marco /

    geeksyndicate, thanks for the reply. Sorry its taken me this long to get back to you, (my browser only just showed me your reply)

    Far be it for me to say, but I’m not sure the Director’s right, I’m very familiar with The Heavy (have all 3 cd’s–GREAT band) It doesn’t “sound” like anything they would do. Thanks for all your help though may be one day I’ll hear it again….
    take it easy and merry Christmas

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