Listen to the Theme Music for that Awesome Misfits Episode Three Spoiler Online!

I’m trying to write this in a way to not spoil this for anyone but if you watched episode three of misfits series 2 you will know there was an awesome pice of music underscoring the huge reveal of the superhoodie character.

As a big soundtrack buff after hearing that music (which is one of the best pieces of soundtrack I’ve heard in many an age and easily stacks up with some of the big boys aka Dark Knight) I knew I had to find that track and thanks to Spiralx for giving me the heads up I found a clip on you tube of the music being recorded by Beetroot Music.

SPOILER WARNING: I’ve not embedded the youtube clip as it could be viewed as a spolier. So if you want to have a listen head here Do not click if you’ve not watched episode 3 of series 2 yet!

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    Nice find.

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