Lock up your Hamsters…V the remake is coming!

Ok news of the planned remake of the V mini series is all over the web  so it would be criminal not to comment on it.

I loved the orginal mini series. I remember it came on  in the UK when there was some kind of strike or something on ITV and instead of Coronation Street we got V (we should have more strikes like that).

Looking back now the effects have dated and the acting is more wooden than I remember but there was a lot of stuff that was pretty thought provoking (Aliens = Nazis) at the time.
Anyway over at Variety they’ve got all the news about the remake. What does concern me is the decision to veer slightly away from the original plot but I guess that was going to happen.

So long as they stay faithful the spirit of the original and bring in some decent special effects  and acting I’m willing to give it a go.

Oh and for the record I thought V the series was rubbish.

Source: Variety
GS Reporter: The Nuge

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