LSCC 2014: Top 10 Books

Well what an incredible weekend we’ve had folks. This year’s London Super Comic Con is over but we’ve still got plenty of news to bring to you from this stellar event. But first a little countdown, our favourite books from the convention.



 10 – Apollo 

The special ‘giant size’ edition of this book published by Markosia is a real treat. It’s an ambitious concept with some really stunning artwork from Douglas A. Sirois

For those unfamiliar with this greek fable. Apollo and his twin sister are desperately trying to protect their mother from a vengeful and powerful goddess Hera.

The artwork is really epic in scale and the battle sequences are really breathtaking. There’s so much detail on each page, you can spend hours soaking up all the sumptuous imagery.

A good book for kiddies as well as adults. You can get it here for £9.99.


9 – Widdershins 


Kate Ashwin’s stall really caught our eye. We liked her artistic style straight away! It’s gloriously cartoony and fun.

Her books are a rollicking romp through Victorian England. We flicked through three volumes of her Widdershins stories in one go.

Each volume follows a different story, our favourite is the first one. It sees an inept magician accidentally named as the King of Thieves. Naturally the old King of Thieves isn’t happy about this…

They’re all available on her website at just under £10.



8 – Wolf Country 

Vampires vs Werewolves in the Wild West….’Nuff said

Published by the guys who brought you the gritty Jeckyll & Hyde police procedural GoodCopBadCop, publishers Planet Jimbot really are going from strength to strength with their offerings. Really imaginative and well written stories are supported by some really strong artwork.

The first issue has artwork from Luke Cooper while issue #2 is drawn by Will Pickering. The contrast in styles doesn’t detract from the story at all and makes for a very interesting contrast in tone between the two issues.

The comic is actually full of political undertones and clever subplots, not your average vs ‘beat ’em up’ style book. We think writer Jim Alexander is going to be one to watch out for.

You can e-mail [email protected] to see if he has issues 1 & 2 left.


Combining the funny with the downright pretty comes this B-Movie spoof IT CAME! Dan Boultwood is an excellent artist, his style is really energetic and expressive. His artwork is also really unique, something that’s a rarity in comics now. 

Published by Titan Comics it follows the adventures of square jawed misogynist hero Dr Boy and his put upon sidekick Doris Knight as they stumble on an alien invasion plot and end up chasing giant robot (Gurk) in a Morris Minor all over London town.

The hardcover is available on amazon for £10.34. The price is worth it for the mock 50’s style adverts alone.



Pride16 – The Pride

This series follows a team of LGBT superheroes, who decide to team up after receiving ridicule from fellow heroes over their choice to publicly announce and embrace their sexuality. It’s a really important comic that looks at the stigma still attached to anyone who doesn’t live up to the hetero norms.

The artwork is bright and the superhero costumes are utterly fabulous. It makes for a really striking comic.

This super team have the most BRILLIANT names. The Bear, Basher, Muscle Mary and Fab Man are our favourites. You can get the first three issues and the one shot The Pride : Adventures here. The comics are £3.50 but a pdf will only set you back £1.50.



Exit Gen5 – Exit Generation

A really interesting twist on the apocalypse and alien invasion stories that seem to be having a resurgence at the moment. This book has a clever twist in it’s tail.

It’s a stark look at consumerism and the unrealistic expectations modern media thrusts onto younger people. This comic also manages to make it’s villains both menacing and amusing at the same time.

Writer Sam Read has created a really impressive an intriguing first issue, with the second issue expected in the next few weeks. you can buy the comic for £3 here or pick up a digital version for just one quid!


Dungeon fun4 – Dungeon Fun

We love this comic. It’s stupid, rude and very funny. The protagonist is an angry young girl with a very pointy sword, who’s hell bent on taking revenge for the death of her adopted parents. It also features a very rude looking three headed monster.

‘Issue 1 is written by the hilarious Colin Bell and drawn by the lovely Neil Slorance, who’s cute but rude drawings really bring the book to life. The next issue is out soon and we can’t wait to read it.

It’s published by Dogooder Comics and you can get it here for £4. Bargain!




Menglemoes3 -Mengelmoes

Mengelmoes is a really gripping autobiographical comic from Willem Samuel about growing up during the 90’s in South Africa. ‘It really is a breathtaking and very stark, funny book. It does an excellent job of taking readers right back to the awkwardness of teenage years through focusing on Samuel’s journey.

Published by Soaring Penguin Press, there will be volumes following Willem’s life being released throughout this year. Volume 1 is available on their website for £4.95



africa2 – Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales: African Edition

The brain child of Kel McDonald, Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales : Africa Edition is a really diverse and engaging anthology covering a myriad of African myths.

There was a European version of this anthology release a couple of years ago, which we also thought was gorgeous!

There’s LOADS of amazing collaborators on this project including Faith Erin Hicks (The Last of Us) Meredith McLaren (Adventure Time Comics) and Kate Ashwin (Widdershins)

Kate Ashwin was selling them at LSCC so if you drop her a message she might have some copies left. It was selling for £12 over the weekend.


halfpastdeadcover1 – Half Past Danger

This book won LSCC. It sold out before the first day even finished!

It’s a really sumptuous pulpy read from Stephen Mooney. It follows Sergeant Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn’s team as they become stuck on a mysterious island full of….wait for it….DINOSAURS!

There’s more stuff too, but we really don’t want to give away any more. READ THIS BOOK!

Invest in the Hardcover. It is stunning! And it features almost 50 pages of extras including new artwork, character sketches and covers galore.

Get it here for £18.18 and display it proudly on your bookshelf!




Reporter: Sara Westrop

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