Lumo Appears on Nintendo Switch in November

If you can wait until the fourth week of November, isometric puzzler Lumo is coming to your Nintendo Switch. Lumo is an isometric adventure puzzle game with more than 150 rooms to challenge. Previously, publisher Rising Star Games informed Geek Syndicate that Lumo would be available globally in October. As gamers know, sometimes a release date has to be pushed back, so we can sympathize! The new date for Lumo’s UK  release is the 24th of November.



You may think that Lumo is as you have seen, a game taking place in a fantasy world. I have watched some gameplay, and the context for your adventure is very different than I expected. I will leave specific details out, but the game involves more than just a fantasy setting. There is no dialogue or speech; it’s just you, the puzzles, and the music.


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Lumo will be coming to the Nintendo eShop, and it will also have a physical release. For those who’ve gone without a Switch until now,  Lumo is available on all current consoles, and PC. For PC gamers, you can get it on the Steam, GOG, or Humble Bundle stores. If you want to know more about the game, you can go to the official website. Lumo retails for £24.99.


Source: HandheldPlayers, Rising Star Games

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