Mark Millar’s KaPow Comic Con London announced

Well Mark Millar teased a few weeks back about his big plans for a Comic Convention over this side of the pond (he must not know about the other conventions we already have) and today he launched the website and details for KaPow Comic Con London.

Guests are going to John Romita Jr, Frankie Boyle, Leinil Yu, Dave Gibbons, Frank Quitely, Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch, Olivier Coipel, Stewart Lee, Kevin O’Neill, Paul Cornell, Noel Clarke, Steve Dillon, Mike McMahon, Brian Bolland, Andy Diggle, Jock, Brendan McCarthy, Brett Ewins, Eric Stephenson, David Lloyd, Matt Smith (not the Doctor), Pat Mills, Steve Yeowell, Kieron Gillen, Liam Sharp, John McCrea, Andrew MacDonald, Nick Landau, Sean Phillips, Duncan Fegredo, David Hine, Adi Granov, Simon Furman, Chris Weston and Al Ewing with others possibly to be announced.

Thats a lot of guest and there are some big names there too! John Romita is a good one for sure, i got to meet him at Thought Bubble (and got a Sketch). i’m pretty sure there is something there for everyone!

Tickets cost £25 for the full 2 days, or £15  for a one day pass, Or if you are feeling flush you can buy a VIP Ticket for £175 which will grant you full access to panels along with entry to an advanced screening of Mark Millar’s Miracle Park, access to VIP drinks areas, and a goodie bag full of rare merchandise and a signed Kick Ass #1 to top it all off!!

The Venue is going to be the Islington at the Business Design Centre in North london, Both Marvel and DC are being promoted as attending although rumours are that they are not going to “official” attend but there will be panels with current Marvel and DC creators. CLiNT Magazine will also have a big presence but that was to be expected. They are also holding the first Annual Stan Lee Awards (Stan isn’t confirmed as a guest!)

Many people are saying that this isn’t what they we’re expecting! since Mark Millar said this would be the San Diego Comic Con of the UK, well it’s Tiny in comparison! SDCC gets 130,000 people through it’s doors each year! But Mark Millar is good and pimping his stuff so I’m not surprised it hasn’t lived up to the hype (YET).

Obviously we have to hold of judgement till next April so we can see just what it’s like, Personally I’m not going! (unless Mr Millar wants to pay for my Hotel and Ticket) maybe i will next year if it’s a big success!

Let us know what you think!


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  1. lightstarangel /

    I think it’s definitely a great start! Comic Con started out very small over 40 years ago and has grown to the behemoth that is SDCC now, so it’ll take awhile to see if Kapow! takes off.

    Currently, the two cons I see that are the closest mirror to Comic Con at the moment are MCM Expo and the London Film & Comic Con. In the US, in my mind, you’ve got SDCC as the biggest con, with NYCC and DragonCon as the other two fairly large conventions.

    Maybe if those were combined or if one of them bubbled up to the top to be the BIG con, it’d be more on its way to becoming what SDCC is. At the moment, it seems that the convention scene in the UK is lots of smaller/medium cons. Since I’m not local, I can’t say whether or not this is completely true.

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