Mark Wahlberg to Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted Film Adaptation

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I’m sure by now most of you gamers out there will know that Mark Wahlberg is all set to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of Drake’s fortune. Now I love the Uncharted games and I’m looking forward  to seeing this modern day pulp adventure on the big screen so I had no problem with the film adaptation announcement but I’m really not sold on this casting.

Nathan Fillion, who actually started a campaign for the role via Twitter, I think would have worked much better but personally I would have gone with  Joe Flanigan who played Lt Col. John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis as not only does he look like Nathan Drake but I think his character in Stargate Atlantis  was very much in the style of Drake.

Joe Flanigan - My pick for Nathan Drake


I’m really hoping that this is one of those rare times when the casting director has seen something the majority of fans haven’t and Mark Walbert will shine as Drake. I know a lot of fans out there are already starting on the hating for Wahlberg but I’m pretty indifferent towards him, at the moment, to be honest. I do think he was pretty decent in a old school action film called sniper (I think it was called) but I fell asleep in the last game adaptation he did which was Max Payne which was just a mess of film. From what I’ve seen of the roles Wahlberg has done before I can’t seem him pulling off that mix of wisecracking smartass and selfless hero that embodies Nathan Drake (again Joe Flanigan nails this in Stargate Atlantis).

It’s tough but I’m trying to stay positive until I see more because I really love the game and I still think it could make for a great film adaptation.

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  1. Andi /

    Totally agree – after watching SGA I was so convinced Flanigan must play Drake…

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah I seriously couldn’t think of anyone better suited to the role.

      • Question: how do I block “Max Payne” out of my mind and have an open mind about this?

  2. Antoni /

    Joe Flanigan has always been my choice as well! He is perfect!

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