Marvel to Cancel a Deadpool series

Well i can’t say I’m surprised! the quality of the Deadpool books has been declining lately, and from what i heae so have the sales figures.

Today Marvel unvailed a poll on it’s website where you can vote for which series they take out back and blow away. Your choice is between Deadpool Corps and Deadpool Team-up, Personally i dropped both of these months ago after i figured out I was paying for 2 books i wasn’t enjoying and since money is tight they had to go.

The story should end there…. but this is marvel so their has to be a spanner in the works somewhere and this time the spanner is Rob Liefeld (Artist on Deadpool Corps and Creator of Deadpool). He says that Deadpool Corps is, was and has always been a 12 issue maxi (even thought it doesn’t say 1 of 12 on the first issue etc) so he doesn’t understand why Marvel are running a poll for a series that is already ending in 4 issues time.

It’s been know for a while now that Rob was only staying on the book till issue 9 (#8 is out tomorrow). Hang on i hear you cry! if this is a 12 issue Maxi series why is he leaving the title after 9 issues? why not complete the other 3 and be done with it?…..

….. well i asked him just that today on twitter. (if you’re not sure about twitter start at the bottom!)

So Rob says he was contracted for 5 issues and agreed to do almost double that to help marvel out. I’m not sure about all this ethier Rob is lying, Marvel are pulling a stunt with the poll or Marvel neglected to tell Rob he was actually working on a ongoing title and not a 12 issue Maxi.

I’ll let you guys decided for yourselves. Personally i don’t think Rob is lying as he has nothing to gain from it, he could of kept his mouth shut and been no worse or better off, however Marvel by doing this poll can say to angry fans “Yey don’t be mad at us! you picked the series to cancel”

What do you think? are you happy to get less Deadpool? or are you a fan of Deadpool and want as much Merc with a Mouth as possible?

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