Marvel’s Powers Comic to be Sony’s First PS4 TV Show

When they announced their next generation consoles last year both Sony and Microsoft revealed plans to make original TV programming that would be exclusively available on their consoles. Microsoft we the first to confirm a project in announce a live action Halo series would see Steven Speilberg act as Executive Producer.

Deadline Hollywood and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Marvel’s Powers comic books that was created by Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming’s will be Sony’s first original TV show created for the PlayStation Network. The series will be an hour long and will be  produced by Sony Pictures TV, where the project had been in planning for awhile and went through several incarnation at FX, including a pilot.

Bendis, Oeming and Michael Dinner will executive produce the series along with Huston and Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies),  David Engel, David Alpert and Lawrence Mattis (Circle of Confusion’s). Huston and Aubuchon will serve as showrunners.

No further details or official confirmation has been given by Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Pictures or Marvel.


Source: CNET/Deadline Hollywood

Reporter: Soulfinger

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