MCM London Comic Con 2016: Best of the Booths

The con blues from MCM in May have almost disappeared and we’re taking a look back at the weekend to give you a rundown of the best stalls the expo had to offer this year! So, in no particular order…

Comic Village/Artists

Katie White Art

Amongst all the brilliant artwork at MCM London Comic Con 2016, the adorable kawaii inspired artwork by Katie White Art was the thing that stood out for me. Sewing puns are my absolute favourite and one of the designs on offer was a couple of balls of wool with the caption “wool you be mine?”. I bought two. Her website, where you can find prints of her artwork, is under maintenance at the moment, but you can still buy all of Katie’s designs on her Redouble site and keep up to date on her Facebook page.

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Doctor Geof

Doctor Geof is brilliant. Tea, steampunk and badges are some of my favourite things. After having a long chat about science and stuff at last year’s con (as well as picking up my first embroidered patch from him), I went to check out his stall this year to find more tea related swag and a chinwag. Although the stall was smaller than last year, Doctor Geof was as popular as ever. There is something for everyone, from badges to quirky illustrations and books to fictional propaganda, all of it a little bit ridiculous! I picked up a £4 embroidered patch of a dinosaur driving a tank (obvs) to sew onto my dinosaur rucksack. To pick up your own weirdly wonderful Doctor Geof merch, head over to his website and Facebook page!

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Birchams Art

Supporting local and independent artists is great. You’re helping people who put so much time and effort into their work and as an artist, you get a warm fuzzy feeling when someone notices and appreciates your work. Birchams Art sells artwork by David Bircham, who has shops in Covent Garden and Camden. It’s easy to see why his work is so popular: the bright and colourful fan art is full of rich and enticing scenes and if you’re a collector of fan art, you need a piece of his work in your collection. Prints sell for £15 online, where you can also buy each illustration in tee form. Keep up to date with all the latest designs and news on their Facebook page.

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Wardrobe Wins

Julian Hakes

If you’re looking for superhero inspired heels, Julian Hakes is your guy. Ever since he designed a special version of his Mojito shoe for Ironman 3, he’s been working on a new collection with Marvel. It was unveiled at MCM and HOLY CRAP IT’S AMAZING. Each design is a powerful statement piece, teamed with elegant lines and colours that correspond to some of our favourite Marvel heroes. The collection includes designs based on The Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman and Black Widow. Don’t worry, there are talks of more characters coming into play in the future. Styles include sandals, court shoes, platforms, biker boot, knee boots and special editions of Julian’s classic Mojito shoe. Aren’t they stunning? It’s great to see superhero inspirations creeping into high fashion. As amazing as the vast range of tees is at MCM, it was great to see alternative forms of design being promoted. Check out more of Julian Hakes’ work on his Twitter and Facebook page.

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I wish I’d seen this stall earlier on at the weekend. SSTUTTER is an independent jewellery brand in East London who make the most individual, bold and beautiful jewellery. Using bright colours and shiny metallics, they create lasercut acrylic pieces that are real statement pieces. Animals are the primary focus of SSTUTTER’s collections: wolves, tigers and lions to name but a few. As well as necklaces, they also make brooches and incredible clutch bags. Prices range from £30-£220, but remember that you’re buying straight from the artist and each piece is handmade. If you want to treat yourself or someone who loves jewellery but wants something a bit more bold and bright, you should go for something from SSTUTTER! Find them on Facebook, Twitter and order from their website.

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Genki Gear

A GS favourite at MCM, Genki Gear always impress us with their HUGE range of designs and ever-expanding stall! This year they celebrate their 10th year of trading and had a selection of 10 designs at £10 each. Their wonderfully quirky designs always bring a smile to your face and there are just so many to choose from! (Turns out this is a problem and you leave MCM with another three tees…!) Did you know that Genki Gear now cater for all ages with their new range of kids’ sizes? AND they’ve uploaded a whole load of their designs to Spoonflower (US) and Wovenmonkey (UK), so you can now order your own Genki Gear fabrics and MAKE ALL THE THINGS. Find them on Facebook and on their website.

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A new one for this year and arguably the most popular merch stall at MCM, Toynk sell mystery boxes. You have no idea what you’re buying, until the box is opened. They had some whacky things up for grabs, as well as so much great stuff, including a few giant prizes like a PS4 or First Order Stormtrooper helmet. Whatever you get in the box, the overall contents will always have a higher RRP than what you paid for it. There were three levels of box for sale: a few items (£30), a few more items (£50) & 12 pieces of official Doctor Who merch in a cardboard TARDIS (£70). I ended up walking away with two small boxes because I like to throw my money at things I have no control over. I also bought two £50 boxes for housemates, each with some pretty cool things in. Some of it will be going on eBay, but most of it is definitely worth the money. If they are back next MCM, get there early in the day to avoid outrageous queues! Check out the Toynk website for more products and to get your own mystery box.

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Another mystery purchase from MCM. ZBOX is a subscription service where you pay a bit of money and get a buttload of cool stuff through your letterbox every month. At MCM, they were offering mystery boxes for a fiver each. Not too shabby at all! By the looks of it, they all had the same contents, but that didn’t matter. In them were items like a space hopper poncho, a graphic novel, zombie mug and a few other things. To find out more about the subscription packages they have to offer, check out the ZBOX website!

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BBT Clothing

BBT Clothing have one of the largest range of tee designs MCM had to offer. In and out of conventions they sell tees, merch, hats, wallets, belts, belt buckles… LOADS. You’ll definitely find a few things you like! At MCM they were selling 4 pieces of mystery merch for £25, so I bought a couple for myself and friends. Spiderman shirts, retro wallets, Fallout 4 swag, there was a lot of good stuff in a bag for that price! Head over to their website for the full range and like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest deals.

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What were your favourite stalls at MCM London Comic Con this year? Did you find something extra special, or did you think there should’ve been more on offer? Let us know!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

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