MCM London Comic Con: VidfestUK and New Web Series at 2014 Expo

VidfestUK and MCM have released the names of the latest web series and stars attending this year’s London MCM Expo, which runs from 23-25 May. You don’t want to miss this lot!



VidfestUK is a regular part of MCM Expo, featuring all things YouTube, web series creators, indie film makers and more…

From MCM London Comic Con:

MCM Expo is delighted to announce seven great web series set to make a splash at VidfestUK this May, when our celebration of online video returns to London Comic Con.

YouTube favourites Tomska, Weebl’s Stuff, TimH and World Of The Orange plus new shows The Great Day Of The Ugly Ones, Cops And Monsters and Life’s A Drag are the latest series to join Slomozovo’s Chris Bingham, ChewingSand’s Hazel Hayes and Unlocked creators Cheesemint Productions at VidfestUK 2014.

  • TOMSKA – Comedy and cartoons from Tom ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell with an audience of over 2,000,000 subscribers. When he’s not beating an animator with a stick to produce webtoons such as asdfmovie and Eddsworld, he’s flailing around with guns and pretending to be an action star. For more:
  • WEEBL’S STUFF – From series like Weebl And Bob, Cat Face and On The Moon to viral songs about badgers, crabs, countries and various foodstuffs, Mr Weebl and the Weebl’s Stuff Team have been making animations, sketches and songs on the internet since almost before it even existed. For more:
  • TIMH – British YouTuber  and aspiring filmmaker TimH predominantly makes sketches, short films and vlogs, covering everything from the evolution of music to lame superheroes, via procrastination, leap frog and action movie clichés. He’s also responsible for the web series Project: Library. For more:
  • WORLD OF THE ORANGE – Billed as YouTube ‘s first free form chat show, WOTO mixes hilarious nonsense games with guests from the YouTube community. Releasing videos twice a week, WOTO has obtained a loyal and dedicated following and entertains over 70,000 people weekly. For more:
  • THE GREAT DAY OF THE UGLY ONES – The first Spanish series for mobile devices, The Great Day For The Ugly Ones is set in a distant future where everyone who is not beautiful enough is persecuted and exterminated. But the ugly ones are tired of hiding and living in fear… For more:
  • COPS AND MONSTERS – London Comic Con will be hosting a mini-episode and Q&A for upcoming series Cops And Monsters, a show set in an alternative Scotland where vampires, werewolves and zombies have begun to come out of the shadows to live alongside humanity. For more:
  • LIFE’S A DRAG – Brand new web comedy Life’s A Drag follows the exploits of four friends as they journey through the weirdness that is life. 30-something Kurt works as a teacher by day and a drag queen by night… even if his friends do describe him as “The only homophobic gay man I know”. For more:

This year’s list looks awesome- I’ll definitely be checking it out when I go along to MCM! What do you think of the line up? Let us know!

Source: MCM Expo

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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  1. We are very excited to be attending Comic Con and are very excited to be showing our pilot episode. The team behind life’s A Drag

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