MCM London Comic Con host Special Guest Jeremy Shada

Jeremy Shada

Jeremy Shada voices Finn the Human on Adventure time

MCM London Comic Con has always been great when it comes to voice actors – never a Con goes by where the autograph tables and Q&A panels haven’t showcased a good mix of film, game and anime voice actors.

Usually that’s not really been my thing and I’ve given those panels a miss, not because of the quality of the guest but more because I don’t game and haven’t watched an anime in a long time (although I have been informed on many an occasion that I can’t possibly be a ~female geek~ if I can’t tell my Fall Out from my COD or I don’t effect a squeaky voice and spout mangled Japanese phrases… whatever) but one voice actor guest at this May’s MCM London Comic Con has definitely caught my interest.

You may not recognise the name Jeremy Shada but you’ll certainly recognise his voice – this eighteen year old has an IMDB bio longer than actors twice his age, but you’ll most likely know him from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time as the voice of Finn the Human.

Adventure Time is probably one of the most popular cartoons on the air and its audience spans from little tots barely able to grasp the concept of plot yet (but enjoy the bright colours and funny looking characters) all the way up to so-called `sensible` adults like myself, who remember when the pilot cartoon hit the internet and we got introduced to the weird world of Oo and the proto Finn and Jake.

Jeremy Shada is attending MCM London Comic Con for all three days and I wonder how different this will be for him, as the accomplished voice actor has attended many huge American Cons like San Diego Comic Con, where they usually have some epic Adventure Time activities and experiences alongside the cast Q&As.

The cool dudes from last October's MCM Con Quest

The cool dudes from last October’s MCM Con Quest

That’s not to say MCM London Comic Con hasn’t brought attendees a whole heap of Mathematical fun! At last October’s con there was a super fun Con-Quest at the Forbidden Planet booth that sent adventurers out hunting for clues, solving riddles, and green screen photos with characters from the show, racking their brains to answer Adventure Time questions. Successful Adventurers won MCM exclusive medals (I still have mine….) and the accolade of the awesome guys who were running the Con-Quest booth.

Yes, that's me in a ball gown doing the Adventure Time Con Quest with a small child. We're cool like that

Yes, that’s me in a ball gown doing the Adventure Time Con Quest with a small child. We’re cool like that

The Algebraic panels with Jeremy will be Saturday at 1PM on the Bronze Stage and Sunday at 11AM on the Gold Stage. Check the MCM London Comic Con guide for more info.


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