Microsoft gives Xbox One an official UK price cut to £399.99

Microsoft has officially cut the price of the Xbox One in the UK from its launch price of £429.99 to £399.99. The Xbox One has only been available for 3 months but with the console costing £80 more than its rival PlayStation 4 and the PS4 confirmed to be outselling the Xbox One in the UK 2-1, Microsoft look to have been forced to take action to boost its sales.

“At Xbox, we believe there’s never been a better time to join the new console generation. To help our fans do just that, Xbox One will be available at the new UK estimated retail price (ERP) of £399.99 from February 28th.,” said Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle.

The Xbox One is also entering a critical period that will see several major game launches over the coming month including multi-platform titles such as Metal Gear Solid 5 as well as the hotly anticipated Titanfall. Microsoft will been keen to see its sales spike over the next couple of months and this price cut is sure to help this.

The new price will kick in on Friday February 28th.


Source: MCV

Reporter: Soulfinger

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