Miike Working On Yatterman

Famed director of the Fantastique, Takashi Miike has joined up with Shochiku once again and is working on the final edits to his live action adaptation of the popular Japanese cartoon Yatterman. It’s due to release in Japan March 8th. No international distribution deals are known as of now.

Yatterman is a popular cartoon from the popular Tatsunoko Prods back in the 70’s It’s about the son of a toymaker and his girlfriend building and using mechas to find the seperated pieces of a stone which would lead them to the biggest gold hoarde in the world. Of course there are others who are looking for the stone as well.

Tatsunoko tried to sell the TV rights to the US, hoping to have another Speed Racer or Gatchaman on their hands, but nothing came out of it. Yatterman was given a renewed interest when Tsunoko started making cartoon again last year and several of their characters are featured in Capcom’s lated video game Capcom vs. Tatsunoko.

I’m looking forward to this movie, especially with Miike involved.

Hellooooo Doronjo.

Hellooooo Doronjo!!

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