Mike Allwood Responds to Bristol Comic Expo 2009 Size Issues

There has been a lot of chat about the reduced size of next’s years Bristol Comics Expo. So rather than speculate I went to the source in this case Mike Allwood the man behind the Bristol expo and this was what he had to say.

There is an alteration in the plans in that we are only using the Ramada for the show.

Several reasons:
1. My spare time in the foreseeable future is going to limited owing to my real job and the Expo takes FOREVER to put together. Rather than the show being less than the sum of it’s parts owing to my commitments we are taking a step back for 2009 and are co-producing withFantasy Events for this one. The website will be www.fantasyevents.org

2. The current “ credit crunch “ has had a effect with already 2 major sponsors / supporters saying no, can’t do the big show next year!

Sadly I do not believe they will be alone….now is not the time to be making expensive plans for May 2009.

The Bristol show has taken 10 years to get to the Internationally recognised level we are now at so I am not taking any risks. Simple economics come into play.

3. The ownership of the Commonwealth Hall is unlikely to be resolved by next year, but 2010 should see the whole of the building available, that would get us an extra 20-25% more space.

So, NEW for 2009



is set for

May 9th – 10th

Full details of the Exhibitors are now on the new site.

Guests and those EXpo EXclusives will be up in the new year but already include a special VERTIGO @ 15 cover for the Con book by Mark Buckingham.

GS Reporter: The Nuge
Source: Mike Allwood

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  1. Nic Wilkinson /

    Just like to add that I contacted Mike about a table yesterday, and he sent me a fantastic email explaining the issues with the venue for 2009. He really is doing everything he can to make the best event possible in some very difficult circumstances, and his support for the indie / self publishers is unfailing. He could not have been more helpful.

    Of course LITG has a certain “editorial style” but it is just kind of shame that it was thought to be a good idea just to drop a “snide whisper” into the internet and possibly do some serious damage to a show that has been really fantastic for the whole of the UK comics industry.

    I’m sure a quick email would have got the facts of the case – but that would not be so “controversial” a story would it?

    Also, I’m probably not the first person to email about a table by any means, yet Mike responded, not with a form letter but answering my personal questions, within a couple of hours. He has probably done this loads of times, but there was no hint of this in his messages.

    We should remember that people organise these events for us in their own time, out of love for the medium and for basically no reward but the satisfaction of doing it.

    We should all be thanking the organisers of Bristol and Birmingham and all the other events around the country for the hard work of past years and looking forward to the future.

    Anyway – we have talked about some ideas and if anything comes of them I will be sure and let you know.

  2. Mike has my total support, I’d rather have any kind of Bristol Con than no Bristol Con. For me Bristol will always be the spiritual home of the UK comic scene.

    We booked our two tables this week and are still very much looking forward to it.


  3. I contacted Mike via Comic Bits Online when I first heard that there were rumours about the Expo size. That’s all it took.

    Mike is a great guy and he does an INCREDIBLE job with the Expo which is the highlight of my year at least!

    Full jiggawatts to the man!

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