MODEL REVIEW: Battlestar Galactica

We take a stab at building the Battlestar Galactica model kit from Revell. Was it a good design? Was it easy? Did the finished version look good? Let’s find out.

I was a huge fan of the original Battlestar Galactica TV series and was blown away by the remake from Ron Moore and Syfy. The redesign of the big ship was subtle but still big enough to be it’s own beast and what a beast it was. The new design looked amazing and when I found out that Revell had the model kit I was smiling like a cat as this was one model you should have on your shelf. Well I got the chance to make the model of the big lady herself.

Check out the video review at the end of this post as well.


Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest…a shining planet known as Earth.


When you first hold the box for the Revell Battlestar Galactica you immediately get a feel for the size and also the weight of this model.  The ship itself is a true Sci Fi icon in both the original 70’s TV incarnation and this recent reboot version.

Like an aircraft carrier in space the Galactica would be a proud model to display on the shelf as long as the kit lived up to the good ship herself.


What you get in the box

Upon opening the large size box and laying out the various pieces you can see that a lot of this kit is in large pieces and there are not that many smaller parts which is fine for me. The parts look solid and I thought this would be an easy build and also maybe a quick one.

I quickly browsed the pieces and instructions to see which part was what and found it really easy to identify even without numbering. Most of this was down to the number and size of the parts.

The first thing I did was paint the main hull and all the large parts. I knew what colour I wanted the model which was pretty close to the recommended colour. Once the paint was dry I glued the main hull together which gave me an immediate feel of the model’s scale and weight. All good so far.


Main hull complete now for the hanger decks

The next job was to add on the main bridge hull section which looks extremely cool and really made the model take shape. In fact I have to say I that at this point I could have just sat there looking at the bridge section.

It was the engines turn next which fitted together really well and gave a great balance to the model. At this point you had to start with some markings as you need add the hanger decks on top of some markings. I nearly missed this but that was not to do with the instructions but rather my eagerness to complete the model.

So the last major parts to add were the hanger decks on each side of the ship. These were a little tricky but finally looked amazing when complete. At this stage the model was pretty much complete.

Lastly was some painting and markings. These were all easy to complete and did not take too long until the model was finished.


The finished product

So firstly the model realism to the show model is amazing and it just looks and feels perfect with the size, the weight and the attention to detail. This was also helped by the markings which were easy yet look great on the model.

The instructions were very easy to read and follow and if you had the time you could easily complete this model in one long afternoon session.

So for me this is a great model and well worth bearing the name of the great lady Galactica.

Age 10+
Product specifications:
Length 338 mm

Number of parts 69

– Large hull parts with surface details
– 24 separate anti-aircraft guns
– Multipart bow section
– Four separate sublight engines
– Multipart pods
– Display stand
– Decals for the landing bays
– Assembly instructions with painting hints and extensive decals sheet



GS Rating 5/5

Source: Revell
GS Blogger: Montoya

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