February’s PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games for Gold

The start of February brings with it a new set of free games available to both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games. Here’s what gamers will be getting.

Xbox Games for Gold

Zombie first person action game Dead Island is the first game available for Games for Gold this months and will be available until 15th February. From 16 February to 28 February 28,  XBLA tower defence game Toy Solders: Cold War will be available.

PlayStation Plus

For PlayStation 3 gamers you get 4 free games while PS Vita gamers get 2. PS3- Outlast, Metro: Last Light, Payday 2. PS Vita – Street Fighter X Tekken, Remember Me, ModNation Racers: Road Trip.There are also discounts on other games as well as themes and avatars.


A note to remember that even if you don’t download these games, adding it to your download queue insures that we you be able to download them at a later date evenafter the games are not longer available on PS Plus of Games for Gold.

Source: PlayStation

Reporter: Soulfinger

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