MOON A Big Hit At Sundance

One of the most positive stories to come out of the Sundance Film Fest this year is the positive attention surrounding the only Sci-Fi movie to be entered.

MOON, directed by Duncan Jones (AKA Zowie Bowie) stars Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. The plot of the movie is about Sam, a loyal worker (Rockwell) working a three year contract for a company that specializes in the extraction of Helium-3 from the moon, the most popular energy source on Earth. With only three weeks on his contract left and tired of talking to his robot helper (Spacey), Sam is anxious to be replaced and leave his lunar domicile. But things aren’t what they really seem to be.

Various publications and websites have been sing praises towards this movies somewhat clostrophobic feel and brilliant acting by Rockwell. It’s been purchased by Sony Pictures two days after it’s debut and Sony is looking to give the movie wide release in June.

You can see some clips from the movie at Collider.

Source: Firstshowing, Collider

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