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In 2707, the depleted world is ruled by four Corporations that are in constant war. During a battle between Capitol and Bauhaus, a great seal is broken and an ancient Machine is uncovered which begins transforming soldiers and civilians into hordes of mutants. A man of faith and leader of an ancient brotherhood Brother Samuel,a believer of God and the Chronicles, a bible about the mutants, puts together a team to venture into the heart of the mutant stronghold and destroy The Machine. Together they become the last hope of Earth against the evil mutants

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So I kinda had low expectations about this as it read like your usual straight to DVD B-movie fare. And to be honest, it kinda is, but its a frigging good one. It begins with a bit of heavy voice over exposition which doesnt bode well, but then you are thrown into a battle which while set in the 2700’s looks and feels like World War 1. It’s all tin hats, blood and guts, muddy trenches and the AWESOME Sean Pertwee who does the best “British Army Bloke” in the business. I got the impression it was like the world had been destroyed in a great War and people had started again, developing technology from scratch which is why it all has a kind of art-deco, retro look.

And thats when you see just how good the whole look and design of this movie is. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the entire thing is done on green-screen so all the backgrounds have that same hyper-stylised look as 300 or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Within 10 minutes the mutants have been released and the movie kicks in and doesnt pause for breath till the end.

The team to take out the mutants are assembled from the different factions and set off in true Dirty Dozen style on what for most of them is a literal suicide mission into the heart of the enemy. And how do they get there? In a steam driven rocket ship with twin coal burners! How cool is that?

Other than the aforementioned Mr Pertwee the rest of the cast are all solid.. I sold this movie to the wife on the strength of their being something for everyone… Thomas Jane for her (she thinks he’s hot), Devon Aoki for me (I think she’s hot) and Ron Perlman for both of us (we both think he rocks).. Oh, and just to save you having the same “WHO THE HELL IS SHE??” thing I did… the silent ninja nun, oh yeah – they got one, is the girl who was under the white face makeup in Hellboy2 as the Bros guy’s sister.

So to sum it up… its Sky Captain meets 30 Days of Night meets Quake2 on the pc. And I loved every silly minute of it.

Stars – 4 out of five

Dry Slaps – 1… because there is a scene where of the millions captured/transformed by the mutants someone just happens to spot a mate, which is a kind of big coincidence to swallow. The payoff to this does kinda make up for it though.

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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