Naught for Hire – A Noir web series starring Ben ‘Farscape’ and ‘Stargate’ Browder coming soon

A Sci-fi noir web series starring genre fave Ben Browder…how did I miss this?

It seems that under my geek nose work was been underway adaptaing the book ‘All for Naught’ as a 13 part web series. I checked out the book on Amazon and here’s the blurb.

“Naught for Hire” is a quirky, action-packed, comedy set just a few years from now. Nick Naught, private eye, walks down some strange mean streets as he tries to stay ahead of the killers on his tail and tries to cope in a world where all the irritations we have with technology are magnified. Gadgets act up in big ways, including voice operated machines that talk back to people. Nick Naught winds up on a hit list, but he doesn’t even realize it at first, because the “accidents” are so much like his normal hazardous life. Annette Taylor, Nick’s former lover, shows up in his office shortly after she runs into trouble too. “Naught Again” follows Nick’s adventures as he looks into trouble at the local cryogenics lab. – Amazon

Here’s some more info on the web series itself.

The series will consist of six minute episodes with a 13 episode season planned. Episodes echo the spirit of pulp-style serialized detective stories, with each episode ending on a cliffhanger. Not forgetting the sci-fi side of the series, the show is set in a world 20 years in the future where humans co-exist with A.I. embedded objects, leaving hard-boiled, down-on-his-luck Private Detective Nick Naught to try to do his job while competing with a car that is in love with him, an elevator that won’t cooperate, and an answering machine that wants to do nothing but pull pranks on him. Imagine what his gun must be like… –Tubefilter news

If the slick teaser site and poster are anything to go by I think this could be something special. I really enjoyed Browder’s performances in both Farscape and Stargate and I can really seem him as a hard bitten and wise cracking PI.

No episode release dates yet but you can follow the show’s production on twitter

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  1. You can read an exclusive interview with producer Jeffrey Berman at A Naught for Hire Fan Site which will have more exclusives in the upcoming months.


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