New Audio Drama – The Brenda and Effie Mysteries

Bafflegab Productions, best known for the comedic adventures of The Scarifyers have announced a new audio drama series from writer Paul Magrs, to be released this December.

The Brenda and Effie Mysteries will chronicle the odd adventures of Brenda, former Bride of Frankenstein turned Whitby landlady, and her friend Effie, a part time witch, in a series of four original audio dramas.

Btrenda artwork

Brenda and Effie made their first appearance in a series of popular novels written by Magrs that began with Never the Bride in 2006 and hits volume 6 soon. The Bafflegab series features entirely new stories set before the first novel, and will chronicle such bizarre happenings as

“…a ghostly cat singing on the rooftops of the Old town, the savage mauling of old ladies in lonely alleyways” and a “quite frankly awful oil painting Effie drags home from an auction. Can it really be coming to ghastly life?”

Paul Magrs is mostly known for his numerous writing contributions to the Doctor Who universe, and has written the scripts for the complete series. The first drama will be The Woman in a Black Beehive, followed by Bat out of Hull, Spicy Tea and Sympathy and the final story Brenda has Risen from the Grave.

Anne Reid, most famous for her appearances in the sitcom Dinnerladies and as the blood slurping Plasmavore  in the Doctor Who episode Smith and Jones, will be portraying both Brenda and Effie respectively, with a supporting cast that includes Alex Lowe (The Fast Show) as Harold the Cat, and Chris Pavlo (Elvenquest) as the Erl King.

Brenda 1

The Woman in a Black Beehive will be released on December 12th 2014, with subsequent episodes following monthly. Each story is a digital only release and can be bought either individually or by subscription.


Source: Bafflegab Productions
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