New Punisher War Zone clip

Punisher: War Zone clip

The official site to Punisher:War Zone released a clip recently. I don’t know about you guys, but this clip makes me feel a bit worse about the movie. This is the kind of clip you give to networks to release as a “sneak peek” in between commercial breaks of popular shows of the demographic I’m leaning too. This is just bad. If I were going to release a “special clip” for the fans, it wouldn’t be a piece where it’s all blind, empty action. It would be a more balanced piece featuring action and dialogue. Use something to grab people. Aronofsky’s The Wrestler has a better clip out then this and it’s a freaking drama! If this is what you offer the fans Lexi, you really don’t know your demographic. If this is Joe Drake’s doing however…then this is the third picture he’s ruined with his ego and needs to be replaced immediately

Poor form. Very poor form either way.

GS Reporter: Royal

Source: Punisher War Zone Movie Website

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  1. ROLY /

    Personally the clip was fine its the first time a director has endorsed a clip. Thats a big plus to me, also the it is a tatse of whats to come, however where are the interviews with the cast so far?

    Right about now the money needs to more advertising especially in the UK, unless this movie make money here it will sadly be another flop unless Avi Arad and Lions Gate have a sequeal brewing.

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