New Sci-fi Company, Never Dream, Launches at Hackney Picturehouse

At Geek Syndicate we love new creative talent and an independent film company, and so we were excited to learn of a new company – Never Dream – launching back in September at the Hackney Picturehouse. Building on the success of a 3 minute blood and gore short Bernard (which was shown on the Horror Channel and can be seen here), the team of Jonathan Heath, Robert Howells and Paul Martin put together a trilogy of science fiction shorts, again available to watch online.

For your delight, then, we have Love The One You’re With described as a “small human moment, a snapshot of everyday emotion, which finds itself overpowered and subsumed by a catastrophe of extraordinary scale.” It features Grace Calder and Dan Dawes as witness to something devastating happening just beyond their ordinary lives. This one is written and directed by Paul Martin.

Dreamers features Tomm Barber-Duffy in dystopic and “haunting, claustrophobic” sci-fi future “where alternate realities have become the battlegrounds for a war waged by psychotropic-induced human soldiers against an alien threat they do not fully understand.” Told in stark monochrome (perhaps a nod to THX 1138?) this one really unsettles. Dreamers is a full team effort, directed by Martin and Howells, written by Heath.

The final film in the trilogy is described as a “simple tale of when two kinds of crazy collide”. Written and directed by Howells, Tinfoil & Jackboots opens with some innocent idealism as Patrick Walshe McBride portrays a delusional alien abductee. However, when he breaks into Bill Fellows’ bitter ex-soldier, worldviews and craziness come into conflict.

What these films show is science fiction without the need for huge budgets, because they are about ideas (ideas of a desperate future perhaps), as all the best science fiction is.

The Never Dream team are currently developing a feature script.

Never Dream

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