New Star Trek Movie Photos online!

Many thanks to the guys over at Comic Book Outsiders for tracking down these first shots taken from the upcoming Star Trek Movie. I hvae to say if the movie lives up to half the promise of these photos then as paid up member of the Trekkie fan club I’m going to be a happy man next year!


Everybody and I mean everybody seems to have something about them in these pictures that reminds me of their original counterparts (especially Quinto as Spock, Pegg as Scotty and Urban as Bones). The guy I’m still not quit feeling is Kirk though I think for him I need to see him talk and fight.

If you head over to Comic Book Outsiders you can see some more photos.

Come J.J give us a proper trailer now and knock it out of the park!


Source: Comic Book Outsiders
GS Reporter: The Nuge

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  1. vichussmith /

    Oh, shit!!!!!!!!

    Dammit Jim, I’m a geek, not a doctor!

    Is Spock using telekenisis or super strength in that last picture?

  2. Martin Fisher /

    Sorry, I’m not feeling or digging this in the slightest. Not one of the cast look like who they’re meant to be representing. I consider myself to be a Star Trek fan, but I’m not going to be seeing this movie. It looks… not good.

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