Nine Worlds Early Bird Tickets End Tonight

The Geekfest Nine Worlds early bird tickets end tonight so last chance to get that bargain in.

Nine Worlds was a new convention last year and this time round it has become the must attend event of the year. This is down to the organisers and type of convention where it is covering all aspects of geekdom that will please nearly everyone.

So don’t delay and get Nine Worlds early bird tickets cheap price now as it ends tonight.

Ticket prices go up on Sunday night, and we thought we should send a last minute reminder. Buy now and get a ticket for a gazillion things at once, all day every day from Friday 8th August to Sunday 10th August, for £75.

This year’s convention hotel is the Radisson Heathrow. We’re running across all three days starting 10am, so it’s probably an idea to stay over on Thursday night as well to catch everything.

Now if you want to see what it was all about check out the clip below.


If you want to but tickets get them HERE.

Source: Nine Worlds
Reporter: Montoya

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