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With less than 2 months to go now until Nine Worlds 2014 is upon us and the team behind the event have let us know some of what we can expect to see this year. So grab a drink and get comfortable.

If you didn’t go to Nine Worlds 2013 go check out what we thought in our review on last years Geekfest.

So the big question is can they build on last years great Geekfest? Well check out the list of Tracks, Guests, evening entertainments and kids’ programming and I think you’ll agree they may have just gone and done it…


A Song of Ice and Fire – Celebrating the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, fantasy novels set in a vast and richly described world created by George RR Martin.
ALL OF THE BOOKS – With over thirty programme items spread over the weekend, ALL OF THE BOOKS features workshops, game shows, debates, signings and panels covering all aspects of literary geekery.
Comics Fandom – Comics, comics and more comics. Yup this track is about comics, why we love them, why we sometimes don’t-so-much-love them, what they mean and who we, as the people who love comics, are. We have a mix of creators, aspiring creators, critics, publishers and fans.
Cosplay Beyond: Hair and Make-Up Effects – If your new to cosplay but don’t know how to start or a seasoned veteran Cosplay Beyond will teach you some fun and easy tricks on special make-up effects that’ll provide that convincing edge and extra polish, and level up your cosplay from great to awesome.
Creative Writing – This track is brimming with discussions, panels, workshops and socials on all aspects of honing your craft and having a whole lot of creative fun
Doctor Who – Enough said 🙂
Fanfic – Everything about Fanfiction, following on from the success at Nine Worlds 2013 with a multi-fandom approach
Film Festival – A dark room full of mattresses and beanbags, free popcorn all weekend showing the weirdest, rarest and best in geek cinema from across the globe. Sound good? See you there!
Food Geekery – Talking experiential food, home restaurants, food as art, and more, with some of the UK’s most innovative food geeks.
Future Tech – Expect talks that’ll challenge and amuse, interactive sessions, including gadget demonstrations, coding workshops, hacktivism, gaming, and socialising.
Game of Thrones (with TitanCon) – A great line-up of panels and events for fans of the ASOIAF books and the Game of Thrones show.
Geek Feminism – Geek Feminism is a movement which seeks to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression in geek culture. The Geek Feminism Track will be discussing everything from cyborgs to manga to zombies to the creative industry
Knitting – All are welcome at the knitting track, whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned crafter
LARP: Theatre-Style Live Action Role Play – Ever wanted to get into LARP but didn’t like the idea of just fighting, well then check out what Theatre-Style LARPing is all about
LGBTQAI Fandom – You want queer pop culture? Binary-breaking fanworks? Cupcakes, dancing, glitter? The Nine Worlds LGBTQAI Fandom track is back and bigger than ever
Podcasting – Everything you’d want to know about podcasting and more (organised by Stephen Aryan and our very own chief Barry Nugent)
Race & Culture – an exploration of race and culture in science fiction and fantasy fandom
Retro Fandom (with Redemption) – Retro Fandom will look at genre media pre-2000 and its effect on current and future shows.
Roleplay and Storytelling (with Storygasm) – Join Storygasm, the queer storytelling and roleplaying collective, to tell collaborative stories!
Skepticism – Curated by The Skeptic Magazine, the Nine Worlds Skepticism track will host talks and discussions on science and critical thinking.
Social Gaming (with the Haberdashery Collective) – If you fancy a change from the lectures and workshops why not go shoot some people with Nerf guns with the Haberdashery Collective peeps (16 and over)
Space, Ships, and Steampunk (with the Royal Observatory) – Astronomers and curators from the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory Greenwich will be running lectures and demonstrations for geeks of all ages
Video Games Culture – Gaming workshops and discussions on the culture and community surrounding video games
Whedon – Fan of the Whedonverse? Then this track is for you, all things Joss related


This is a list of guests and speakers  announced for Nine Worlds 2014 so far. This is the first round of guest announcements, and many more names will appear closer to the time. The Game of Thrones track in particular is unlikely to announce people until just before the event itself.

Adam Christopher – Sci-fi novelist, comics writer
Adele Wearing – Fox Spirit books, ebook publisher
Adrian Tchaikovsky – Epic fantasy novelist, amateur
Aishwarya Subramanian – Book reviewer, fan: fantasy
Alan Zucconi – Indie experimental
Alchemist Dreams – Unique custom handmade
Alex Kidd – Runs Night Of The Trailers
Aliette de Bodard – Multi-award-winning SFF
Anish Mohammed – Technology, cryptography
Anna Caltabiano – Teenage author of YA cyberpunk
Aral Balkan – Indie tech: Indie Phone
Barry Nugent – Podcaster, novelist, self-publicist, all round nice guy, oh and co-founder of this here site 😉
Brendan Owens – Royal Observatory
Cara Ellison – Embedded games journalist
Caroline Hobkinson –  curates dining experiences that force diners to reassess the way they eat
Chloe Morris – Edible Stories: experiential food
Chris French – Skepticism, physhology, alien
Cristina Macia – SFF & ASOIAF translator
Dan Foster-Smith – Technology
Danie Ware – Sardonic fantasy author, SFF
Daniel Polansky – Noir fantasy series author
Deborah Hyde – Skeptic Mag editor, vampire expert
Den Patrick – London-based fantasy author
E. Saxey – Writer, academic, gender, sexuality, supernatural
Ed Boff – Film critic, SF London columnist
Elizabeth Bear – Multi-award-winning SFF author
Emma Byrne – Science communicator: robotics, AI
Emma Vieceli – Comics creator, illustrator, writer
Fabio Fernandes – SFF writer, translator: colonialism, steampunk
Francis Knight – Noir fantasy author
Gail Carriger – Comedic steampunk, urbane fantasy, tea
Geoff Ryman – Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, mundane, LGBT
Iona Sharma – Writer, lawyer, editor, spaceships
James Smythe – Sci-fi novelist, teaches writing
Jane Fae – Feminism, online censorshop, sexual liberty
Joanne Harris – Literary fiction, magical realism, gastromance
John Connolly – Crime, horror, SFF novelist
John Hornor Jacobs – Horror fantasy novels, YA, noir
Juliet Mushens – Literary agent, writing teacher
Kate Griffin – Fantasy books, urban magic
Kerstin Rogers – Underground restaurants, supper clubs
Kieron Gillen – Geek Britain’s beloved premier monster
Kim Curran – Young adult social sf author
Laura Lam – YA fantasy author: Pantomime, Shadowplay
Lauren Beukes – Writes novels, comics, screenplays, TV
Lauren o’Farrell – Unconventional knitting, crafty chaos
Laurie Penny – Journalist, activist, feminist, troublemaker, nerd
Lou Morgan – Urban fantasy & YA author
Marek Kukula – Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory
Mark C. Newton – Fantasy crime, SF, whisky expert
Michael Blyth – Queer cinema, horror, film programming
Michael Marshall – Skepticism, Good Thinking Society
Naomi Alderman – Zombies, Run! lead writer
Nathan Penlington – Choose Your Own Documentary creator
Niall McCrae – Skepticism, mental health
Nick Harkaway – Fantasy novels, digital worlds, adventures
Open Tech School London – Open source, free coding workshops
Paul Cornell – Writer of comics, books, television
Paul McAuley – Hard sci-fi: biotech, space, realities
Phil Nightingale – Zombies, Run! lead voice actor
Philip Reeve – Cakes in Space; Mortal Engines
Rebecca Levene – Novels, supernatural, TV, videogames, zombies
Reiner Knizia – Award-winning board game designer
Richard Dunn – Royal Observatory: Longitude curator
Sarah Lotz – Urban horror, YA, zombies, erotica
Sarah McIntyre – Illustrator for children, of monsters
Scott K. Andrews – Post-apocalyptic YA novels, geekery
Scott Lynch – Fantasy novelist, volunteer firefighter
Si Spurrier – Comics writer: Marvel, DC
Simon Guerrier – Dr Who author, sci-fi TV
Spencer Hickman – Death Waltz: cult horror soundtracks
Stephanie Saulter – Literary sci–fi, Scriptoctopus
Stephen Aryan – Fantasy novelist, podcaster, comics
Susan Bartholemew – Medieval fantasy novelist, poet
Tade Thompson – Afro SF author, Rosarium Publishing
Tara B – Wotever World film festival, feminism
Taran Matharu – Successful Wattpad fantasy adventure author
The Duke Mitchell Film Club – Bizarre, rare and forgotten films
The Robin Collective – Cutting edge of experimental food
Tiffani Angus – SF, fantasy, horror, erotica writer
Tom Kerss – Royal Observatory astronomer, astrophotographer
Will Hill – YA sci-fi horror writer, cats


This year there will be a whole lot of content designed for under-12s and their adults to enjoy together. It’s not all finalised just yet and more details will follow but there will be events covering children from the age of 4 upwards:

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre: CAKES IN SPACE!
Robots! Spaceships! Killer Cupcakes! Batty Battenbergs!
Explore the furthest reaches of storytelling and drawing with this space-suited dream team!
The bestselling authors of Oliver and the Seawigs turn their attention to outer space in their new book CAKES IN SPACE. Grab your pencil and get set for zany adventure, in this stage show / creative masterclass / collaborative singing / storytelling spectacular! #CakesinSpace
On Sunday, time tbc.

Creative Writing Workshops – with Quen Took
Small-group creative writing workshops in which under-12s can experiment with storytelling. If this of interest to you sign up for these workshops in advance: they’ll run those that have interest! For more info on the workshops running click here



The Nine Worlds Party
This year’s theme is Flash Gordon vs. the Highlander, featuring Rhapsody, the UK’s top Queen tribute band
Choose Your Own Documentary – interactive adventure at the Film Festival
The Mechanisms – steampunk pirate sci-fi musical cabaret retellings of fairy tales. In space.
Only a Moment – Quiz show with Paul Cornell
The Duke Mitchell All-Nighter – very strange and rare films, at the Film Festival
80’s Disco – All-Cheese Dance Party with DJ Jo Bunny


Whedonverse Sing-A-Long – last year’s pianist, David Merriman, is back! Hosted by the Whedon track.
Social Gaming with the Haberdashery Collective – silly fun
Quantum Battlestar Deep-Space Voyager Tardis Wars: The Million Dollar Space Epic – Sci-fi comedy skits
Bifröst – Queer Cabaret with the LGBTQAI track
Robot Woman of Tomorrow – Science comedian Helen Keen
#PROMNADO – Gollancz’s Prom Party, with All Of The Books
The Duke Mitchell All-Nighter – very strange and rare films, at the Film Festival
Rock Club — Rock out with Rock Band karaoke.
Queer Disco – party with the LGBTQAI track
More to be announced soon!


For much more information on everything I’ve touched on above, head on over to Nine Worlds’ website. As usual here at GS we’ll keep you fully up to date with all the announcements leading up to the weekend.

Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014 is being held at the Radisson Heathrow, 8th-10th August 2014.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet what are you waiting for….Look forward to seeing you there

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