Poster Spy Panel at MCM Saturday 27th May


PosterSpy Panel Announced at MCM London Comic Con – Saturday May 27th

PosterSpy is excited to announce that they have a panel at the MCM London Comic Con on Saturday 27th May on the Silver Stage at 5.15pm. They’ll be joined by artists Dan Mumford, Paul Shipper and representing the PosterPosse: Doaly, The Dark Inker, Luke Butland and Daniel Nash.  During the 45 minute panel PosterSpy will be chatting to each artist about their career in the design industry and what led them to tackle illustrated movie posters. As well as design related talk we’ll also be chatting generally about pop culture, current movie posters, classic posters, print collecting and predictions for the future of movie posters. The session will then up to a live audience Q&A as well as taking questions from our online community. The event will be live streamed via the PosterSpy Instagram account – PosterSpy

*Dives in through Vix’s window as she types*

Nuge in da house!

Long time GS listeners/readers will know that I’m a massive movie soundtrack fan but second to that is my love of a good movie poster. In light of that I just wanted to crash Vix’s post to add that I have been a massive fan of Paul Shipper’s work for longer than I can remember. I first came across his fantastic Indiana Jones posters on the website.


I missed out on meeting him at Thought Bubble back in the day so I’m gutted I can’t attend this panel.  Looking at some of the work of the other artists on the panel I am even more gutted. The strength of a good movie poster should never be undervalued or ignored. To this day every time I see the poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark I feel 11 again.


Tell me one look at this poster wouldn’t make you rip your arm off for a ticket?

Although I can’t be there in person I will be hooking myself up to the live streaming event Vix mentioned.

*throws down smoke bomb and disappears Batman style*

Ahem…thank you Nuge. Right back to normality. There will be a chance after the panel  to chat to the artists as well and if you’ve bought some of your own prints along to get them signed.  Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen displays, pen tablets and styluses is putting up the cash for the event, with first attendees receiving gift bags.



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